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2019 Conference: One Press, Many Hands articles:

Networks Session, Panel Recap

Nina Schneider

Example of a class survey by a student at Ohio University. (Miriam Intrator)

Sat., Oct. 26 | Moderated by Katherine Ruffin, the presenters were: Miriam Intrator, “Collecting the Diversity of American Historical and Contemporary Printing: A Librarian’s Perspective” ❉ Dianne L. Roman, “Early Nineteenth Century Boston Weekly Provides Diverse Employment for Women, Supporting an All-Female Communication Circuit” ❉ Jamie Mahoney, “Incarcerated Authors, Activist Poets, Student Designers, Led by Women Printers: Publications of the Bowe House Press are Truly Created by Many Hands”


Miriam Intrator

“Collecting the Diversity of American Historical and Contemporary Printing: A Librarian’s Perspective”

Miriam is the Special Collections Librarian at the Robert E. and Jean R. Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections, Ohio University in Athens. Her collection, like many rare material collections in American colleges and universities, were acquired for the purpose of teaching and outreach, but frequently do a poor job reflecting the diversity of the current student population. In order to make her collection outward-facing, she is actively seeking work by and about locally relevant, under-represented populations; contemporary artists’ books exploring the themes of social justice and disenfranchisement; and finding innovative ways to pair them. [Read more]

David C. Driskell Center Tour

Dianne L. Roman

Left: Charles White’s “My God is a Rock,” linocut. Right: David C. Driskell’s “Accent of Autumn.” 2016—a textured serigraphone with Dorit Yaron explaining.

Fri., Oct. 25 | On this afternoon, an intimate group of APHA members gathered at the front of the David C. Driskell Center for the Study of the Visual Arts and Culture of African Americans and the African Diaspora, for an introduction to the center, its mission, and a tour of the current exhibition. [Read more]

Printmaking at Marakere University, Kampala, Uganda

Mia D'Avanza

Mathias Tusiime with some of his woodcuts on his handmade paper. (Casey Smith)

Sat., Oct. 26 | Casey Smith presented on his month-long trip to Kampala, Uganda as part of a cultural immersion program for artists through apexart. He explored the city and prestigious Makerere University in particular, where he learned about their printmaking techniques using hand-registered woodcuts on MDF. As Smith showed photos of the woodcuts (both blocks and prints), he pointed out that they typically depict domestic life or political subject matter. [Read more]

Pyramid Atlantic Tour & Letterpress Workshop

Melanie Leung

Pressure print form, wood type. and resulting print from workshop. (Photos: Melanie Leung)

Sun., Oct. 27  | Pyramid Atlantic is located in the Gateway Arts District in Hyattsville, Maryland.  It occupies a space that has had several previous uses, including a church, arcade and duckpin bowling alley.

Our tour began on the ground floor.  There is a small shop as you enter, which then transitions into an open floor plan, divided into the following studio spaces: letterpress, bindery, and printmaking.  Down the hall, there are tables for classes and separate rooms for papermaking, screen printing, a darkroom, as well as separate office-type studios for artists. The second floor also has offices and a small library, though the majority of the space is used as a gallery for artists to exhibit their work.  You can also see some elements of the building’s history preserved here in some of the architectural elements of the space. [Read more]