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Ohio River Valley Chapter

“Cairo, mouth of the Ohio.” Tinted lithograph with hand coloring by Henry Lewis (1819-1904), printed 1854–1857 by Arnz and Company, Lithographer. (I.N. Phelps Stokes Collection of American Historical Prints, New York Public Library

Welcome! APHA’s Ohio River Valley Chapter sponsors lectures, fields trips and other opportunities to meet fellow members on an informal basis. New upcoming events are usually listed in letters from the president and officers of the chapter. 

upcoming events

• Host 5 university workshops for colleges in Greater Cincinnati.

• Host and facilitate hands-on workshops for 5 local schools in Greater Cincinnati.

• Give tours to local groups, offering demonstrations and hands-on experiences to clubs, retirement homes and etc.

• Host a 1 day printing workshops, for the Greater Cincinnati Girl Scouts of America.

• Host for 10 days a display on Willian Harrison Page’s wooden type create in 1875.

• In June or July print the 1940 World Series REDS tickets athe the Great American Ballpark.

• Host a 1 day printing workshops, for the Homeschoolers in Greater Cincinnati.

• Create a training program in print for Santa Maria. • Present our 1st annual Wayzgoose conference in the fall. • Hold Ink & Eat events for the general public and private groups.


The Ohio River Valley is meet at the…

Past Events