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In Memoriam

This page lists deceased APHA members, honorees, speakers, and Printing History contributors. To add names to this list please use the contact form and when possible, please include a link, such as an obituary that summarizes their accomplishments.

Sue AllenScholar of historical bookbindings. 2007 Lieberman Lecturer. 1999 APHA Award laureate. Printing History contributor
Mike AndersonPrinter and typefounder. Chesapeake chapter member
Maurice AnnenbergPrinter, businessman, entrepreneur, and author of works on the history of printing, advertising, and the graphic arts. 1976 APHA Award laureate
Hugh AmoryRare book library cataloguer. Author. 2002 APHA Award winner. Printing History contributor
Anna Lou AshbyAnna Lou Ashby, Librarian and museum curator. Former editor of Printing History
Joseph BlumenthalPrinter and publisher, typographer, and book historian. Founder of the Spiral Press
Lowell BodgerTypographer, letterpress printer, educator. Former APHA New York Chapter president
Pall Bohneprinter, binder, blacksmith. Southern California chapter member
Catherine T. BrodyAPHA founding member, former president, and trustee. Printing History contributor. Newsletter editor, 1975–1985
Kenneth E. CarpenterLibrarian and blbliographer. 1998 Lieberman Lecturer
Stephen CrookLibrarian and long-time APHA Executive Secretary
Erik DelfinoLibrarian, scholar, and author. Chesapeake chapter member and former vice president
Mike DenkerPrinter, Chesapeake chapter member
John DepolProminent wood engraver. Illustrator of books by several APHA members.
Joseph R. DunlapLibrarian. APHA founding member, former president, and trustee
John DreyfusBritish book designer and historian of printing. 1984 APHA Award laureate. Printing History contributor
Giovanni FavrettiBook collector and arts philanthropist
Frank FeldmanLawyer and Book collector. Involved with the International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR), which studies theft and forgery of art, antiquities, and rare books.
James EckmanAuthor. 1985 APHA Award laureate. Printing History contributor
Robert D. Fleck Oak Knoll Books and Oak Knoll Publishing. Oak Knoll won the 2008 APHA Institutional Award
Morris GelfandProprietor of the Stone House Press. Former APHA president and trustee
James Gilreath1988 Lieberman lecturer
Chandler GrannisEditor-in-chief at Publishers Weekly
Philip GrushkinCalligrapher, book jacket designer and book designer. APHA founding member, former vice president for Programs, and trustee.
Steven HarvardPrinting History contributor
Roland HooverPrinter/typographer, Chesapeake chapter member
Ricky JayAmerican magician, actor, bibliophile, and writer. APHA 2016 conference keynote speaker
Herbert H. JohnsonRIT Professor, historian, scholar, educator, designer, typographer, printer. APHA founding member and former trustee. 2014 Lieberman Lecturer. Printing History contributor
Stephen A. Kanter Physician and bibliophile. Established the Stephen A. Kanter Lecture on California Fine Printing held bi-annually at the Clark Library, UCLA
Sandra KirshenbaumFounding editor of the typographic magazineFine Print. 2001 APHA Award laureate
Kay Michael KramerBook designer and fine press printer
Jay T. Last
Physicist, entrepreneur, publisher, print and ephemera collector
Robert L. LesliePhysician, graphic designer, and publisher. APHA founding member. 1976 APHA Award laureate
J. Ben LiebermanAPHA founding member and first president, 1974–1978. 1980 APHA Award laureate
Richard MathewsDirector of University Tampa Press
Francis O. MattsonLibrarian
Ruari McLeanTypographic design and author. 1993 APHA Award laureate
Marcus McCorisonLibrarian, bibliographer, and scholar of early American printing. 1998 APHA Award laureate. Printing History contributor
Ludwig MohrMaster bookbinding, printer, and printmaker
Henry MorrisPrinter and publisher, Bird & Bull Press. 2006 Lieberman Lecturer
Katharine F. PantzerLibrarian and biblographer. 1995 APHA Award laureate. Printing History contributor
Mike ParkerThe type consultant, historian designer and popularizer of Helvetica. Printing History contributor
Stephen O. SaxePrinting history scholar, author. 1991 Lieberman Lecturer. Printing History contributor. APHA founding member, former vice president of publications, trustee, and newsletter editor, 1986–1990.
Betsy Raymond Northern California calligrapher and book artist.
Rollo SilverBook collector and historian of American printing, typography, and publishing. 1977 APHA Award laureate. Printing History contributor
Martin K. SpeckterAdvertising executive. Creator of the interrobang. APHA founding member and former trustee
Jack StauffacherMaster typographer, printer, and educator. 2002 Lieberman Lecturer
Roderick StinehourMaster printer, founder of the Stinehour Press. 1989 APHA Award laureate. 2003 Lieberman Lecturer. Printing History contributor
Susan Otis ThompsonTeacher, author, editor, lecturer, and researcher. APHA founding member and former trustee. Editor of Printing History, 1979–1983
Gene ValentineArizona Stae University Professor Emeritus, letterpress printer, papermaker, author, and editor.
Peter Martin VanWingenLibrarian. Former APHA president and trustee. Printing History contributor
Hendrik D. L. VervlietLibrarian and historian of books and printing. 2011 APHA Award laureate. Printing History contributor
Gregory Jackson WaltersPrinter and preeminant collector of typecasting equipment
James M. WellsLibrarian and curator
Edwin Wolf IIRare book librarian and historian of Colonial America. 1998 APHA Award laureate