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APHA Website Content Guidelines

Public areas of the site are available without registration, but only registered users may post content. (APHA membership is encouraged, but not required.) The default role is “author.” New posts must be coordinated by a site editor. An author can only edit their own posts prior to publication.

For members-only sections of the site, separate registration through APHA’s membership database portal is required. APHA membership should be current by payment of annual dues. (Members-only sections are currently controlled through Wild Apricot membership database.) Membership joining and viewing membership directory and registering. Current members registering for certain events such as the annual conference may also receive a discount.

submitting content

Use the contact form to send an article proposal or news item to the website editor in chief. You should have the right to post your article to the APHA site. Articles and events may be refused without comment. Texts and images accepted for publication are subject to editing.


In general, accepted articles will be original works  on lesser known aspects of printing history or significant news of concern to the printing history community. Articles need not be scholarly. This is the purview of APHA’s semi-annual journal Printing History.

The editor will reject without comment articles deemed not relevant or are merely advertisements.

Suggestions for writers


Any image or video that accompanies a post article must be accompanied by a caption stating that the material is used by permission of the copyright holder.


Upload images using the “Add Media” button above the post’s editor. All images should:


Provide the URL for video embeded in text file.


Cite all sources in footnotes. 

meta data

Category and tag assignments will be determined by an editor.


Site registration is not required to publish comments. Comments cannot be edited after they are published. Comments will be edited or removed at the editor’s discretion, and without notice, if the editor deems that they do not advance the subject of printing history, are off-topic or offensive. Offensive comments are any that perceived as an attack on, or a disparagement against, an individual, group or organization. This comment policy is subject to change at anytime.

news and events

Breaking News and Calendar Events not pertaining to APHA will be considered on an individual basis. The APHA website uses Google Calendar to display events. If you follow the guidelines below, your event is more likely to be used.

copyright and trademarks

APHA respects individual and corporate intellectual property. You should have the right to post the words or images you are using, either because you own them or you have permission.

If you are an author or organization whose copyright or trademark has been infringed, contact us immediately, citing the material and location  (URL) on our website, and explaining the nature of the copyright or trademark infringement. An editor or moderator will attempt to respond as quickly as possible, and then will review further and contact the original poster of the material for response. Responses may include a temporary restriction of the material pending a final decision.