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Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the following frequently asked questions. If you find that none addresses your query, then please do write us via the contact form

Frequently Asked QuestionsAnswer
Do I retain copyright to articles I submit to Printing History or the website? Yes: an author retains copyright of their article throughout the period it is accepted and published by the American Printing History Association. See Printing History Article Submission Guidelines
How do I advertise in Printing History?Printing History Adversting
I have an old print/book. Can you help me determine its value?You might locate a copy to compare for value from these sources: Abebooks and ebay. Generally, the value isn't great. There is a small market and larger supply of these photoengraved, wood-mounted blocks, called cuts. Desirability depends on subject matter and condition. Most cuts and unmounted plates will have nicks and scratches. Those made of copper are more resistant to corrosion than magnesium or zinc. If there appears to be a somewhat chalky white substance that is the magnesium corroding. This is slightly toxic but can be cleaned away. However this means that portion of the image is lost and that the cut or plate is worthless. You will find many cuts for sale on Ebay.
I would like information on how to clean antique copper, zinc, and wood printing blocks.Good sources for such information are Briar Press and Letterpress Commons

Is there a resource of someone who could make a few nice prints from a printing block I own?There are small business letterpress printers in most cities in developed countries. Do a search for letterpress printers for your area. You could also ship it to one of them.
What fonts does the APHA website use?EB Garamond is used for titles and all other texts. Franklin Gothic is used for navigation and barred headings.