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In 1976 the American Printing History Association established an annual award to be presented “for a distinguished contribution to the study, recording, preservation or dissemination of printing history, in any specific area or in general terms.” At first only individuals were eligible, but in 1985 a second award was established for institutional achievement. These prestigious awards are presented each January at the APHA Annual Meeting in New York City.

Often, the acceptance speeches are important statements of philosophy or accomplishment about the importance of printing history and the book arts. Speeches are normally printed subsequently in Printing History, and some are available online here. 

Individual Laureate  |  Institutional Award | Call for Nominations


Individual Laureate

Year Recipient
2024 Kadin Henningsen
2023 Fritz Klinke and Irene Tichenor
2022 Edward Petko and Brad Freeman
2021 Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.
2020 Frank Romano
2019 Richard L. Hopkins
2018 Richard Minsky
2017 Lisa Unger Baskin
2016 Cynthia Brokaw
2015 Paul Gehl
2014 Roger Stoddard
2013 Sebastian Carter
2012 Michael F. Suarez, S.J.
2011 Hendrik Vervliet
2010 Johanna Drucker
2009 Robert Bringhurst
2008 Henry Morris
2007 Michael Twyman
2006 Elizabeth M. Harris
2005 Robert Darnton
2004 D.W. Krummel
2003 James Mosley
2002 Hugh Amory
2001 Sandra Kirshenbaum 
2000 R. Stanley Nelson
1999 Sue Allen
1998 Marcus McCorison
1997 Michael Winship
1995 Katharine F. Pantzer
1994 Terry Belanger
1993 Ruari McLean
1992 Paul Needham
1991 Eleanor Garvey
1990 Henri-Jean Martin and Roger Chartier
1989 Roderick Stinehour
1988 Edwin Wolf 2nd
1987 G. Thomas Tanselle
1986 James Wells
1985 James Eckman
1984 John Dreyfus
1983 Leona Rostenberg and Madeleine Stern
1982 John Tebbel
1981 Alexander Lawson
1980 J. Ben Lieberman
1979 Maurice Annenberg
1978 Joseph Blumenthal
1977 Rollo Silver
1976 Robert Leslie

Institutional Award

Year Recipient
2024 Self Help Graphics & Art
2023 Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione and The International Printing Museum
2022 Women’s Studio Workshop
2021 Mills College
2020 The Bixler Letterfoundry
2019 Minnesota Center for the Book Arts
2019 Black Rock Press
2017 U.S Government Publishing Office
2016 Cary Graphic Arts Collection, Rochester Institute of Technology
2015 Book Art Museum
2014 David R. Godine, Inc.
2013 Limited Editions Club
2012 CODEX Foundation
2011 The University of Alabama School of Library and Information Studies, MFA Program in the Book Arts
2010 The Center for Book Arts
2009 Whittington Press
2008 Oak Knoll Books and Oak Knoll Publishing
2007 The Society of Printers
2006 The John Carter Brown Library at Brown University
2005 Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia
2004 American Typecasting Fellowship
2003 The Typophiles
2002 Plantin-Moretus Museum
2001 Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP)
2000 The Gutenberg Museum (Mainz, Germany)
1999 Center for the Book, University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)
1998 Newberry Library (Chicago, IL)
1997 Pierpont Morgan Library (New York, NY)
1996 Book Club of California (San Francisco, CA)
1995 Special Collections, New York Public Library (New York, NY)
1994 Center for the Book, Library of Congress (Washington, DC)
1993 Colonial Williamsburg (Williamsburg, VA)
1991 Bibliographical Society of America (New York, NY)
1990 Grolier Club (New York, NY)
1989 St. Bride Printing Library (London, England)
1988 Kemble Collections, California Historical Society (San Francisco, CA)
1987 American Antiquarian Society (Worcester, MA)
1986 School of Library Service, Columbia University (New York, NY)
1985 Division of Graphic Arts, Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC)