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Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione and The International Printing Museum


Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione, founded in 1995, is a museum, archive, library, and “working studio print shop” in Cornuda, Italy. Sandro Berra, Director of Tipoteca, presented on his organization’s efforts to “encourage the dialogue between past and present” and “discover and experience the beauty of letterpress” as part of a panel with Mark Barbour of the other 2023 institutional awardee, the International Printing Museum. Open to the public for tours, workshops, and research, Tipoteca is the first international organization to be selected for APHA’s Institutional award. 

Sandro Berra’s Acceptance Speech 

The International Printing Museum in Carson, California, was established in 1988, and brings “the history of printing and books to life.” Home to “one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive collections of antique printing machinery and graphic arts equipment,” the Museum not only hosts tours, workshops, and classes, but serves as community hub by hosting the annual Los Angeles Printers Fair, now in its fifteenth year. At APHA’s 2020 Awayzgoose, Director Mark Barbour presented, as part of a panel on preserving the history of craft and printing, with another 2023 awardee, Tipoteca’s Sandro Berra.

Mark Barbour’s Acceptance Speech: 

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