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Imagining the Extraordinary:
Scientific Illustration from the
Renaissance to the Digital Age
March 15 & 16, 2018
Rare Book and Special Collections Division
Library of Congress

Imagining the Extraordinary will explore how creative scientific illustration, often aided by advances in technology, has extended the reach of human understanding about the natural world. Knowledge about everything from the unimaginably large to the inconceivably small was initially nurtured by the popularity and availability of the printed image during and after the Renaissance. In a similar spirit of discovery, modern scientists have harnessed digital visualization techniques to nurture contemplation on everything from coral migration to the human genome.

Exploring the longstanding relationship between science and illustration, Imagining the Extraordinary will bring together historians, curators, artists, and librarians fluent in the visual vocabulary of the Renaissance and early modern period with modern scientists, technologists, and artists working in the same fields with new digital visualization tools. scientific illustration provides a unique vantage from which to identify and discuss unifying concepts in scientific discovery, such as evidence and proof, artistic collaboration, imagining the unseen or the perplexing, and rendering images useful to multiple (and often skeptical) audiences. It is our hope that this symposium will provide an opportunity to bring together the many voices that have long been involved in condensing and animating the complexity of the natural world.

This event is free and open to the public, and reservations are required ( from-the-renaissance-to-the-digital- age-symposium-tickets- 41123377128). For questions, please contact: