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The Itinerant Printer
Library of Congress Rosenwald Room
3 pm, Thursday, December 5, 2019

Chris included several letterpress shops of members of the Chesapeake Chapter in his fantastic book chronicling his trip. Every Chapter member should have a copy.

Lead Graffiti Retrospective
Delaware College of Art and Design
600 North Market Street
Wilmington, DE

Public opening is Friday, December 6, from 6 – 9 pm. Ray and Jill will give a short talk starting at 7.

LEAD GRAFFITI’s RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION at the DELAWARE COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN includes about 60 of the letterpress posters we printed for our TOUR DE LEAD GRAFFITI project. We covered every stage and rest day during the TOUR DE FRANCE from 2011 – 2015. We decided to have some great fun with the signage for the categories that organize those posters. This sign below defines the space for 10 posters for HIGH MOUNTAIN stages.

⬆The exhibition includes posters, wedding invitations, fine press books, greeting cards, typography, paste paper, certificates, and work from letterpress workshops, including this rest day poster for their Tour de Lead Graffiti project back in 2013.

Free and open to the public, the exhibition is at the DCAD Gallery, 600 North Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware. The public opening is Friday, December 6, from 6 – 9 pm. We will talk for a bit at 7, and we hope to see a number of you there.

The exhibition runs through Monday, January 13.

We’ve been involved with DCAD through more than a dozen letterpress workshops and other talks / tours to various groups. This semester we’ve been meeting with groups of their first-semester first-year student class, which has been great fun and we hope helpful talking about “What would a good student do? Right here. Right now.”

Chesapeake Chapter Notes

Chesapeake Chapter Notes is emailed monthly to members and friends of the Chesapeake Chapter of the American Printing History Association. Contributions are welcome and can be sent to George Barnum, Chapter Secretary.