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2022 Chesapeake Chapter Wayzgoose
at Lead Graffiti

A great group gathered with a full day of “So. what have you been up to” discussions. It was nice to WAYZGOOSE in person.

One wonderful change from our past gatherings was we gathered at the end to let everyone who brought something to show explain the who, when, and why of each. Somehow we neglected to photograph Casey Smith, who talked about his Wayzgoose poster in the bottom photo above, Jody Cabezas, who talked about her head-long dive into letterpress with her 2022 APHA calendar page,  and Ray Nichols with his ‘N0 War. No Putin’ broadside.

The BRINGERS shown at the top are Val Lucas with her reduction woodcut, Tatiana Shukhin with her wonderful book of woodcuts, Jill Cypher and her collaborative book “Opposites, and Lauren Emeritz with her wonderfully playful book series,

We had way more great food than was necessary, so everyone was pretty much stuffed by 3:00,

Lead Graffiti turned out to be a great place to hold the occasion. It kept everyone in the same room, and ricochets from one conversation to the other was quite wonderful. I wish we were closer. We’d love to do this every year.

The 2023 Chesapeake Chapter Calendar

Each year 13 of us print a 12-month calendar for sale to promote our events, Denker Fellow, etc. You can see images of each month by clicking here.

Click here to buy the calendar for $25 (free shipping).

Chesapeake Chapter Notes

Chesapeake Chapter Notes is emailed monthly to members and friends of the Chesapeake Chapter of the American Printing History Association. Contributions are welcome and can be sent to George Barnum, Chapter Secretary.

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At the bottom of this page, we show letterpress projects printed by Chapter members. If you print and are savvy about social media, hashtag your in-progress or completed works using the hashtag #aphachesapeake.


Chesapeake Chapter Wayzgoose
Saturday, November 12th
10am to 3pm

We’re back live!

We are pleased to announce that the 2022 APHA Chesapeake Chapter wayzgoose will take place in person on November 12th, hosted by Ray Nichols and Jill Cypher at the well-appointed Lead Graffiti studio at 120A Sandy Drive, Newark, DE 19713. Every Chapter member and friend is encouraged to come for this annual day of food, friendship, and lots of letterpress.

As in the past, refreshments will be potluck, so please (if you can) bring an entrée, side dish, salad, or dessert to share for lunch, and a beverage of your choice. Also, consider bringing any friend that you think is a likely candidate for membership.

You are also encouraged to bring a favorite item you’ve worked on or acquired for your collection for show and tell.

The 2023 Chesapeake Chapter collaborative wall calendar will be available for sale ($20 for Chapter members) as well as Chapter pint glasses ($5).

Feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions or need additional information. We look forward to seeing you on November 12th.

The general plan is to limit images per member to 2.


We are happy to post up to 2 recent or important images of letterpress-related creative work by our printing members. If you are a chapter member and have work you would like to submit email a digital image to Ray Nichols.

Recent images received will appear at the top. After a month or so, they will move into alphabetical order by printer’s name. We will generally limit each printer to 2 images or 3, if the work is particularly significant.




Size : 15″ x 22″
Runs : 3 on a Washington iron hand press
Paper : Stonehenge
Details : Reduction woodcut in cherry

⬇     JILL CYPHER : Lead Graffiti : Newark, DE

Title : Found / See
Size : 12.75″ x 9″
Paper : Somerset Textured White 300gsm
Details : 2 runs with mica powder over paste paper

Size : 12.75″ x 9″
Paper : Somerset Textured White 300gsm
Details : 2 runs with mica powder over paste paper

This is a spread for a book entitled “Opposites,”  a 14-artist collaborative book by members of the Upper Chesapeake Book Arts. 

⬇     LAUREN EMERITZ : Abstract Orange : Washington, DC : Instagram

Runs : 4
Details : Wood cut printed via letterpress

⬇     LAUREN EMERITZ : Abstract Orange : Washington, DC

Title : Art is Play
Details : Wood cut printed via letterpress

⬇     ROLAND HOOVER : Pembroke Press : Bethesda, MD

Title : 2008 Chesapeake Chapter Roster
Details : Letterpress via handset metal type

⬇     VAL LUCAS : Bowerbox Press : Monkton, MD

Title : French Clarendon Specimen Sheet
Details : Letterpress via hand-set wood & metal type

⬇     VAL LUCAS : Bowerbox Press : Monkton, MD

Title : Sumac pressure print
Details : Wood cut 7 leaves

⬇     VAL LUCAS : Bowerbox Press : Monkton, MD

Details : Foundry border material design, carved, and cast by Val

⬇     CHRIS MANSON : Crooked Crow Press : Rockville, MD

Size : ?
Paper : Stonehenge
Details : handset metal type

⬇     RAY NICHOLS & JILL CYPHER : Lead Graffiti : Newark, DE

A2 Thank you cards for the Amos Lemon Burkhart Foundation.

Size : A2 folding thank you card
Paper : French 140# white
Runs : 2 (hand rolled background in 2 colors & gold)
Press : Vandercook Universal III
Client : Amos Lemon Burkhart Foundation

⬇     RAY NICHOLS & JILL CYPHER : Lead Graffiti : Newark, DE

Size : 25″ x 38″
Paper : Fabriano Onyx
Runs : 6
Press : Washington #5 iron hand press
Details : handset wood type inked using bubblewrap with the broadside over-stamped with additional bubblewrap

Ray Nichols & Jill Cypher of Lead Graffiti, Chesapeake chapter members, had a broadside chosen for the Hamilton Wood Type Museum‘s annual “NEW IMPRESSIONS” exhibition.

Entering its seventh year, New Impressions 2022 highlights the breadth and scope of letterpress printing as a contemporary art form. This annual international, juried exhibition showcases some of the finest letterpress printers worldwide to celebrate their exploration and creativity with letterpress printing techniques. The jury selected 41 prints from over 253 entries. The artists are from Brazil, Italy, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

⬇     RAY NICHOLS & JILL CYPHER : Lead Graffiti : Newark, DE

Size : 14.5″ x 22.5″
Paper : Somerset Textured White 300gsm
Runs : 18
Details : handset metal type.
          The bottom 16 lines are ghost printed without reinking.
Broadside to support the Ukraine International Relief Fund. Generated $1200.

⬇     GREG ROBISON : Peregrinus Press 

Title : The Jesuit Motto
Details : Letterpress via hand-set metal type

⬇    GREG ROBISON : Peregrinus Press 

Jesuit Zen
Letterpress via hand-set metal type

⬇     CASEY SMITH : Own Goal Press : Wilmington, DE

Title : New Suns
Details : Letterpress via hand rolling on tissue paper

⬇     CASEY SMITH : Own Goal Press : Wilmington, DE

Title : Zoom Cards
Type : Handset wood type and metal border materials
Runs : each sheet is printed in 2 colors
Details : Bottom image for each sheet is various forms of bubblewrap

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