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Index to Printing History

This page indexes articles, subjects, authors and reviews published in Printing History, the biannual journal of the American Printing History Association. In the issue column, the prefixes “OS” and “NS” indicate original series  or new series and the numbers links to a table of contents. Individual issues can be purchased or found at a major research library.

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Articles by subject / title

Subject / TitleIssue
ActivismNS 33
Adobe Garamond: A ReviewOS 26/27
Adobe SystemsOS 26/27
AdvertisementsOS 7/8
AIDS Posters—Art, Activism, and the AIDS PosterNS 33
Aiken, Jonas Bradley (1833–1903)OS 40
Aiken, Walter Scott (1831–1893)OS 40
Albert, Joseph (1825–1886)OS 25
Aldus, UCLA and MeNS 5
AlmanacsNS 2, 9
AlphabetsNS 3
American Medical BotanyOS 48
American Photo-Relief Printing Co.OS 48
American Printing History AssociationOS 33
American Type Founders CompanyOS 31/32, 37, 43/44
American Wood Types, 1828–1900NS 7
Amory, Hugh (1930–2001)OS 45
Analytical Bibliography and Renaissance Printing HistoryOS 5
Ancient Mexican Codex: Zelia Nuttall’s Recontextualization of the Codex Tonindeye NS 31/32
AquatintOS 48
Arabic typeOS 45 NS 5
Arabic—Development of Arabic-Script Typography in Georgian Britian, TheNS 5
Art Preservative: From the History of the Book Back to Printing History, The OS 33
Arts and CraftsOS 1, 7/8; NS 9
Arts et Metiers GraphiquesOS 49
Artzt, CharlesOS 23
Ashendene PressOS 47
Baine, JohnOS 22
Ballou, Robert Oleson (1892–1977)OS 11
Baltimorean pressesOS 30
Bank notesOS 45
Bartlett, Alfred (1870–1965)NS 9
BauhausOS 14
Beham, Hans Sebald (1500–1550)OS 34
Benton, Linn Boyd (1844–1932)OS 31/32
Benton, Morris FullerOS 31/32
Bermuda Gazette—HistoryOS 19, 20
Bible storiesOS 42
Bible—HermeneuticsNS 3
Bible—Psalms—English—Bay Psalm book—BibliographyOS 24
Bible—Publishing—New Zeland—Societies, etcOS 13
Bibles—Publishing—American—SocietiesNS 25
Bibles—SubscriptionNS 25
Bibliographic Approach to Cataloging American Wood Type Manufacturers’ StampsNS 34
Bibliographical centers—ItalyOS 41
Bibliographical Society of America: Publishing About Printing, TheOS 25
Bibliographical Society of America—HistoryOS 25
Bibliographical Society of America—productOS 25
Bibliography, CriticalOS 5, 11
Bigalow, Jacob (1787–1879)OS 48
Binny & RonaldsonOS 49
Binny, Archibald (1762–1838)OS 22
Blackletter typesOS 38/39
Blake, William (1757–1827)OS 41
Blassingame, TiaNS 27/28
Block-printed papersOS 42
Blocked bindingsOS 6
Blumenthal, Joseph (1897–1990)OS 24
Bodoni, Giambattista (1740–1813)OS 25
Book [Broadside, Bookplate, Business Card, and Birth Announcement] Beautiful, TheNS 7
Book and the Peasant, The: Visual Representation and Social Change in German Woodcuts, 1521–1525OS 34
Book designOS 3, 5, 9, 13, 40
Book design—Great Britain—History—19th century—SourcesOS 10
Book design—HistoryOS 49
Book design—History—United StatesOS 48
Book design—United StatesOS 17
Book design—United States—EducationNS 11
Book design—United States—History—20th centuryOS 1
Book industries and tradeOS 5
Book industries and trade—History—16th centuryOS 5
Book industries and trade—PeriodicalsOS 1
Book industries and trade—United States—History–19th centuryOS 3, 9, 10
Book industry—History—20th CenturyOS 46
Bookbinding—PeriodicalsOS 1
Books and reading—HistoryOS 50
Books and reading—History—19th CenturyOS 11
Books and reading—United States—History—18th centuryOS 17
Books for the visually impairedOS 16
Books—DeclineOS 2
Books—Europe—HistoryOS 35
Books—France—HistoryOS 23
Books—Private collections—United StatesOS 35
Booksellers and bookselling—New York (State)—New YorkOS 28
Boycott GraphicsNS 33
Bradley, Will (1868–1962)OS 3
Braille systemOS 16
Bridges, Robert (1844–1930), —CorrespondenceOS 47
British and Foreign Bible Society—HistoryNS 5
BroadsidesOS 7/8, NS 31/32
Brown, Samuel (1769–1830)OS 21
Bruce Rogers Looks BackOS 9
Bruce Rogers, —CorrespondenceOS 11
Brussel-Smith, Bernard (1914–1989)OS 22
Buck, Pearl S. (1892–1973)OS 10
Buell, Abel (1742–1822)OS 13
Bullen, Henry Lewis (1857–1938)OS 43/44
Burgess, W. Starling (1878–1947)OS 31/32, 37
Calligraphy and Letterpress in Design EducationNS 2
Cambridgeshire—Cambridge—Private pressesOS 41
Cape Cod Bay (Mass.)—Pictorial worksNS 8
Carbutt, John (1832–1905)OS 48
Carter, Matthew (1937— )OS 42
CartoonsOS 11
Caslon, William (1692–1766)OS 31/32; NS 10
CensorshipNS 31/32
Cento Amici del Libro, TheOS 41
Cerf, Bennett (1898–1971)OS 1
Chambers, William (1800–1883)OS 10
Chameroit, ClaudeOS 5
Charles, Douglas W.NS 24
Cherokee Printing History and the Sequoyah SyllabaryNS 34
Chicano Independent PublicationsNS 33
Chinese Ink and InkmakingOS 15
Chinook Jargon and Itinerant Mimeography in the Pacific NorthwestNS 26
Chiswick Press Woodcut InitialsOS 7/8
Chiswick Press—HistoryOS 3, 7/8, 50
Circus posters—American—1870–1880OS 50
Clarifying the Musical Page: The Romantic StichbildOS 16
Clemens, Samuel Langhorne (1835–1910)OS 6, 36
Clymer, George (1754–1834)OS 22
Cockerell, Sydney MorrisOS 6
CoiningOS 25
Colenso, William (1811–1899)OS 13
Colines, Simon de (1480?–1546)OS 26/27, 42
CollotypesOS 25
Color PrintingNS 26
Color Printing in America—Beginning of Color Printing in America, The OS 48
ComicsNS 31/32
Comics, Peruvian—Qosqomic: El potencial del Comic Cusqueño Independiente como herramienta educativa y de resistencia cultural NS 31/32
Common PressesOS 22, 23, 25, 29
Compositors of Type: Mary Katharine Goddard, Frances Hopkinson, and Design in Eighteenth-Century AmericaNS 27/28
Confederate States of America Register of Vessels, ANS 29/30
Considering Rob Roy Kelly's American Wood Type CollectionNS 7
Convivial Printer, The: Dining, Wining, and Marching, 1825–1860OS 7/8
CookbooksNS 26
Copperplate Stipple EngravingOS 48
Copyright—United States—History—19th centuryOS 10
Cornhill Booklet, The, 1900–1914NS 9
Country Printer, The [reprint from Scribners' Magazine]OS 4
Craftsman Press Archive NS 27/28
Cree, David (1766-?)OS 2
Cubery and CompanyOS 7/8
Cylinder PressesOS 1
Danish Printing—C. Volmer Nordlunde: The "Grand Old Man" of Modern Danish PrintingOS 29
De divina proportioneOS 26/27
Deberny et Peignot Type FoundryOS 49
DeGraff, Robert F. (1895–1981)OS 10
Delgado, Nicole, InterviewNS 31/32
Denslow, William Wallace (1856–1915)OS 9
Design in Eighteenth-Century AmericaNS 27/28
DeVinne, Theodore Low (1828–1914)OS 15, 21
Devotional LiteratureOS 50
Dictionary of Colonial American Printers' Ornaments and Illustrations, AOS 4
Digital Comparison of LetterformsOS 46
Digital preservationOS 50
Dimensions of the Renaissance Title Page, TheOS 5
Doctoral Research in Printing History, 1970–1984OS 14
Dodge, Benjamin (1818–1897)OS 33
Dreyfus, John (1918–2002)OS 13
Durer, Albrecht (1471–1528)OS 26/27, 34
Early Depictions of the Printing Press: A model SourceNS 18
Early Printer as "Renaissance Man", TheOS 5
Egloffstein, Frederick W. (1824–1898)OS 29
Egyptian TypesOS 31/32
Elder, Paul (1872–1948)NS 34
Electric power—United States—HistoryOS 14
Electric Typesetter: The Origins of Computing in Typography, TheNS 21
Electronic booksOS 50
ElectrotypingOS 10
Ellms, CharlesNS 9
Emery Walker, Oscar Wilde and May Morris, and "Letterpress Printing": A Centennial CelebrationOS 20
End of Books, The [reprinted from Scribner's (1896)]OS 2
English Bookbinding and the Continental Woodblock TraditionOS 6
Engravers—Boston (Mass.)—19th centuryOS 45
Engraving machinesOS 2
Engraving—Early Nineteenth-Century Boston Engraving Trade and the Engravers who Developed it, TheOS 45
Engraving, American—19th centuryOS 20
Engraving—Collectors and collectingNS 6
Engraving—United States—History—1783–1820OS 11
EphemeraOS 7/8; NS 12
Ephemera in the STC Revision: A Housekeeper's ViewOS 7/8
Ephemera Society of AmericaOS 7/8
Estienne, Henri (1531–1598)OS 42
Europeans Are Coming, The! Or, What's New in Continental History of the Book: A Review EssayOS 35
Everson, William (1912–1994)OS 36
Everson, William Everson: Fine PrinterOS 36
Every Man His Own Printer: The Typographical Experiments of Josiah WarrenOS 4
Experience Gutenberg Project: Printing Beorum II at the Scripps College PressNS 1
Exploration literatureNS 3
Face by Any Other Name is Still My Face: A Tale of Type Piracy, AOS 37
Facing the Unfolded and Visible Book of the FutureOS 50
Fine bindings—England—History—16th centuryOS 6
Firefly PressNS 7
First Pocket Book, TheOS 10
First Publication to Use American-Made Type, TheOS 13
Fletcher, H. GeorgeNS 5
For Hugh from Roger [Tribute for Hugh Amory]OS 45
Fowle, Daniel (1715–1787)OS 23
Franklin Common PressOS 23
Franklin, Ann (1695?–1763)OS 24
Franklin, Benjamin (1706–1790)OS 23
Frederic W. Goudy's Formal Tribute to Bertha M.NS 19
Frederic Warde, Crosby Gaige, and the Watch Hill PressNS 4
Freedom of the press—United States—HistoryOS 2
From Palm Leaf to Book: A South Asia QuestNS 10
From Woodblock to Silicon Chip: The Transmission of Tibetan LanguageOS 17
Fulton, Robert (1765–1815)OS 14
Future of Printing Museums, TheOS 50
Gaelic typesOS 31/32
Gaige, Crosby (1882–1949)NS 4
GaramondOS 26/27
Gebr. Janecke & Fr. Schneemann—HistoryOS 6
Genial Philippic on Taste, AOS 14
Geofroy Tory's Champ Fleury in the Context of the Renaissance Reconstruction of the Roman Capital AlphabetNS 3
Geographic worksOS 16
Glance at the First Century of California Printing, ANS 9
Goddard, Mary KatharineNS 27/28
Gods Altar Needs Not Our Pollishings: Revisiting the Bay Psalm BookOS 24
Golden Cockerel PressOS 7/8
Golding & Co.OS 6
Golding, William Hughson (1845–1916)OS 6
Good Noise of Students in the Print Studio, The NS 33
Goodman Common Press, The: The Oldest American-Made PressOS 25
Gotshalk, MikhalOS 40
Goudy, Frederic W. Autographed Letter (Signed) from Frederic W. Goudy to [Alpheus] Sherwin Cody, An NS 19
Goudy, Frederic William (1865–1947)—AppreciationOS 2
Goudy, Frederic William (1865–1947)—Goudy's type designsOS 2
Government Printing Office (U.S.)OS 20, 22
Government product—Rhode Island—HistoryOS 24
Government product—United States—CostsOS 21
Government product—United States—HistoryOS 20, 21, 22
Grabhorn PressOS 18
Grabhorn Press Ephemera: The Missing MatterOS 40
Grabhorn Press—Ephemera—List of ImprintsOS 40
GramLee Collection—West Virginia UniversityOS 20
Graphic design (Typography)—Study and teachingNS 2
Graphic Forms Lectures, TheOS 49
Gray, Thomas (1716–1771)OS 41
Great Industrial Art: Circus Poster Printing in America, AOS 50
Greek fontsOS 42
Greek typesOS 30
Green FamilyOS 23; NS 11
Green, Samuel (1615–1702)OS 23
Gregynog Press—BibliographyOS 18
Gregynog Press—HistoryOS 18
Griffarians OS 5
Griffith, Chauncey H. (1879–1956)OS 49
Grover, Edwin Osgood (1870–1965)NS 9
Guard the Mysteries! Constantly Reveal Them! The History of Printing as Shown in Type SpecimensOS 26/27
Gunzenhauser, Joseph ben Jacob AshkenaziNS 10
Gutenberg BibleNS 1
Gutenberg—Curious Document Attributing a Jewish Background to Johann Gutenberg, AOS 3
Gutenberg, Johann (1397?–1468)OS 3
Gwasg Gregynog: The Reincarnation of a PressOS 18
H.L. Mencken: in the Steps of GutenbergOS 9
Hacia una cartografía de las muestras tipográficas de América Latina: Algunos ejemplos de los siglos XVIII al XXNS 31-32
Halftone PrintingOS 29
Halftone—“Heralding A New Era”: B. A. Girard’s Method of Photomechanical Halftone in France, 1863 NS 29/30
Halftone—Baron Frederick Wilhelm von Egloffstein: Inventor of the First Commercial Halftone Process in AmericaOS 29
Hallock, Homan (1803–1894)OS 45
Hamilton, CharlesOS 33
Hammer, Victor Karl (1882–1967)OS 31/32
Hannah Dustin French and the Book Arts Laboratory at Wellesley CollegeNS 29/30
Harper & BrothersOS 23
Hebrew TypesOS 26/27
Hebrew—Behold, You Are Beautiful, My Love: The Use of Ornamental Frames in Hebrew IncunabulaNS 10
Hebrew—Deer Motif on Early Hebrew Book Title Pages, The NS 29/30
Hebrew—Eagle Motif in Sixteenth- and Seventeeth-Century Hebrew Books, TheNS 17
Heliographic engravingOS 29
Hemp fibersOS 30
Hermann Zapf at NinetyNS 6
Histoire de l'edition francaiseOS 23
History as FableNS 11
History of the "Humanist" Type Classification, ANS 18
Hitler—Mein Kampf in America: How Hitler Came to be Published in the United StatesNS 20
Homan Hallock, PunchcutterOS 45
Hopkins, Richard Lee (1939—)NS 6
Hopkinson, FrancesNS 27/28
Hornby, Charles Harry St. John (1867–1946)—CorrespondenceOS 47
Houghton LibraryOS 45
Houghton Mifflin CompanyOS 30
How He Collected his BillOS 6
Howells, William Dean (1837–1920)OS 4
Hubbard, Elbert (1856–1915)OS 9
Hubbard, Elbert Hubbard to W.W. Denslow from The Sanford & Helen Berger CollectionOS 9
HumorNS 9
Hunter, DardOS 28
Hunter, Dard (1883–1966)OS 28, 34
Huntington Apocalypse Blockbook (Schreiber Editions IV/V) with a Note on Terminology, TheOS 42
Ideal of the Humanist Scholar-Printer, The: Aldus in VeniceOS 30
Illumination of books and manuscripts, Indic—India—OrissaNS 10
Illustrated Modern Library Series, TheNS 20
Illustrating Invention: Nineteenth-century Machine Advertising for the Aikens of Franklin, New HampshireOS 40
In Memoriam Bernard Brussel-SmithOS 22
In Memoriam: Dr. Robert Lincoln Leslie, Humanitarian and Educator, 1885–1987OS 18
IncunabulaNS 30
Industrial productivity—United States—History—19th centuryOS 14
InitialsOS 7/8
Ink—China—HistoryOS 15
InksticksOS 15
Innovation and Diversity Among the Green Family of PrintersOS 23
InsertNS 31/32
IntaglioOS 16
Intaglio printingOS 5
Introduction and Spread of Hebrew Type in the United States, TheOS 26/27
Introduction to the ExhibitionOS 43/44
Inventing Printing for the BlindOS 16
Invisible inkNS 23
Invisible Writing Made Visible: The U. S. Government Printing Office and Prisoner of War Stationery in the Second World WarNS 23
Isaac M. Singer's Type MachineOS 2
J.F.W. Dorman CompanyOS 9
Jackson, Solomon Henry (?–1847)OS 26/27
Jane Yetsweirt (1541-?): Claiming Her PlaceOS 18
Jay, LeonardNS 21
Jeffers, Robinson (1887–1962)OS 18
Jefferson, Thomas (1743–1826)OS 35, 48
Jews—GenealogyOS 3
Jobber pressesOS 1, 42
Joel Munsell, Aldus's Disciple in AlbanyOS 30
John Carbutt and the Woodburytype in AmericaOS 48
John Mycall-The Ingenious Typographer of NewburyportOS 33
Johnston, Edward (1872–1944)—CorrespondenceOS 47
Jonas Winchester: Speculator, Medicine ManOS 9
Jones, George William (1860–1942)OS 31/32
Joseph Blumenthal (1897–1990)OS 24
Judah, Naphtali (1774–1855)OS 28
JustificationNS 11
Keeping Time in the Age of Franklin: Almanacs and the Atlantic WorldNS 2
Kelmscott PressOS 20, 36
Kelmscott Press—William Morris and the "Damned Chemists": The Search for an Ideal Ink at the Kelmscott PressOS 6
Kelmscott Press—BibliographyOS 50
Kennett, BruceNS 25
Kent, Rockwell (1882–1971)OS 1
Kneeland, Samuel (1697–1769)—BibliographyNS 11
Koch, Rudolf (1876–1934)OS 37
Kono, Takashi (1906–1999)OS 17
Lamara, HeibaNS 23
Landis Valley Museum Ramage Press, TheOS 29
Langston series 54OS 31/32, 37
Large paper printingsOS 50
Lasting First Impressions: Printed Incunabula East and WestNS 34
Latin American Intellectual and Publishing TraditionsNS 31/32
Lawson, Alexander S.OS 12
Leather bindingsOS 6
Leaves from an Album of Printing and Graphic ArtsOS 25
Legibility (Printing)NS 10
Leighton, Clare (1898–1989)NS 8
Leonard Jay: A Pioneer of Printing EducationNS 21
Leseur, Charles Alexandre (1778–1846)OS 21
Leslie, Robert (1885–1987)OS 18
Lesser, Issac (1806–1868)OS 26/27
Letter from Bodoni's Widow, AOS 25
Letter spacingsNS 11
Letterform Components—HistoryOS 26/27
Lettering—DigitalOS 46
Letters PatentOS 18
Lewis, AugustaOS 35
Lieberman, J. BenOS 14
Life with Type and Letters, AOS 4
Lime Kiln PressOS 36
Linen fibersOS 30
Linn Boyd Benton, Morris Fuller Benton, and Typemaking at ATFOS 31/32
LinotypeOS 12, 31/32, 35
Lithographic Stone in AmericaOS 21
Lithography—Equipment and suppliesOS 21
Lithography—United StatesOS 21
Little magazinesNS 9
Longevity and Legibility: Two Types from the De Vinne Press and How They Have FaredOS 15
Lost Years of the Golden Cockerel Press, TheOS 7/8
Loya, ErasmusNS 26
Manley, Reuben (1818–1842)OS 29
Manuale TipograficoOS 25
Manutius, Aldus (1449 or 1450–1515)OS 30; NS 5
Maps, Music, and the Printer: Graphic or Typographic?OS 16
Mark Twain and "The Old-Fashioned Printer" [Speech by Twain to the Typothecae]OS 6
Mark Twain's Nemesis: The Paige CompositorOS 36
Material History of the Screenplay, ANS 24
Materials of Typefounding, The: A List of Surviving CollectionsNS 4
McDowall, GayOS 7/8
Medals—United States—CatalogsOS 25
Memento Mori on Silk and Stone: Reuben Manley, Printer, 1818-42OS 29
Memoirs of William M. Cubery, TheOS 7/8
Mencken, Henry Louis (1880–1956)OS 9
Mergenthaler, Ottmar (1854–1899)OS 35
Meriden Gravure CompanyOS 20
Merrymount Janson Type and Matrices, TheNS 21
Merrymount PressOS 29, 30
Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.). Department of Drawings and PrintsOS 25
Military ordersNS 12
Mirror-image Monograms as Printers' Devices on Title Pages of Hebrew Books Printed in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth CenturiesOS 40
Misprint and Minerva: Printers' Journeymen in Sixteenth Century LyonOS 5
Missionaries—AmericanOS 45
Missionaries—BritishNS 5
Modern Library Series, The: Format and Design, 1917–1977OS 7/8
Modern typesOS 14, 15
MonotypesOS 11
Monster of MonstersOS 23
Monticello: The History of a TypefaceOS 49
Morphology and the Book from an American PerspectiveOS 17
Morris, William (1834–1896)OS 6
Morristown (N.J.)—NewspapersOS 2
Mourning Ephemera (Ribbons)OS 29
Mr. Artzt's Western Lever: A Hitherto Unreported Printing PressOS 23
Multitudinous Tints: An Inventor's Pursuit of Instantaneous Multicolor PrintingNS 24
Mummies—Egypt—PaperOS 34; NS 8
Munsell, Joel (1808–1880)OS 30
Munsell, Joel (1808–1880)—Bibliographical essayOS 30
Museums—Educational aspectsOS 50
Music printing—Europe—HistoryOS 16
Musical worksOS 16
Mycall, John (1750–1833)OS 33
Mystery of the "scrappy fragments": Untangling Robert Steel's Discovery of Frisket Sheets, TheNS 19
Myth of "Some Unconventional Women", TheNS 23
Naphtali Judah, New York Bookseller and StationerOS 28
Nash, John Henry (1871–1947)OS 36
Nash, John Henry (1871–1947)—CorrespondenceOS 47
Nesbitt, Alexander (1901–1995)OS 4
New Zealand—For Gospel and Wool Trade: Early Printing in New ZealandOS 13
Newspaper publishing—Massachusetts—BostonOS 28
Newspaper publishing—OhioOS 4, 19
Nineteenth Century America: Book Trade Technology and Social History [Introduction]OS 9
Nineteenth-Century Revivals, Typographic and SpiritualOS 50
Nordlunde, Carl Volmer (1888–1970)OS 29
O'Lochlainn, Colm (1892–1972)OS 31/32
OccultNS 22
Oh, Mr. Jefferson—After All These Years, Why Do We Know So Little about the Books of Your Time?OS 35
Old Style typesOS 4, 15, 22, 26/27, 50; NS 10
On the Changes Made in Wood Engravings in the Stereotyping ProcessOS 34
Oral tradition—Ireland—HistoryOS 42
Origins of San Francisco Fine Printing TraditionsOS 36
Origins of the French Old-Style: The Roman and Italic Types of Simon de ColinesOS 26/27
Ouija BoardNS 22
Our Infant Manufactures: Early Typefounding in PhiladelphiaOS 22
Pacioli, Luca (1445–1517)OS 26/27
Page-for-page reprintsNS 1
Paige compositorOS 36
Palimpsest of Paradise: The Craftsman Press ArchiveNS 27/28
Palm leaf fibersNS 10
Palm-leaf manuscripts—IllustrationsNS 10
Paper and Print: A Rich History and FutureNS 27/28
PaperbacksOS 10
Papermaking—History—15th centuryOS 30
Park Row (New York, N.Y.)—HistoryOS 3
Paul Theobald & Company: Publisher With a New VisionOS 18
Paul Theobald & Company—BibliographyOS 18
Paul Theobald & Company—HistoryOS 18
Paul, Charles Kegan (1828–1902)OS 3
Peculiar Defense of Daniel Fowle, TheOS 23
Peignot, Charles (1897–1983)OS 49
Pelton, Oliver (1798–1882)OS 45
Penmanship manualsNS 2
Pennsylvania Mercury and universal advertiser (Philadelphia, Pa.: 1784)OS 13
Permanence of Ephemera, The [Introduction]OS 7/8
Petiet texteOS 26/27
PharmacopoeiasOS 42
PhilosophieOS 26/27
Phonetic alphabetOS 47
Phonetic Alphabet—Edward Johnston & Robert Bridges, 1901–1926: A Phonetic Alphabet in the Half Uncial ScriptOS 47
PhotoengravingOS 19
Photographic ReproductionOS 19, 25, 48; NS 1
Photography in Reproduction: Its Role in the Settlement of CaliforniaNS 1
Phototypesetting Era, TheOS 46
Phototypesetting—History—1960–1980OS 46
Phylledier, Guillaume (Offizin, Lyon)OS 5
Pica typesOS 24
Picture Portfolio of Printing Medals, AOS 25
Pioneer Women Editors—The Stockdale Sisters of BermudaOS 19
Pirates, Shipwrecks, and Comic Almanacs: Charles Ellms Packages Books in Nineteenth-Century AmericaNS 9
Platemaking—Dungeons and Dragon's Blood: The Development of Late 19th and Early 20th Century Platemaking ProcessesOS 19
Platen pressesOS 9, 30
Platen presses—HistoryOS 6
Pocket BooksOS 10
Point sizes-–12OS 13
Point-Set SystemNS 11
Poor Robin's AlmanacOS 24
Portable Press and Field Printing during the American Civil War, TheNS 12
Portrait prints, AmericanOS 11
Posada para el pueblo: A World-Class Print Collection Goes Digital NS 31/32
Power of the Press, The: Hand, Horse, Water, and SteamOS 9
Prepublication Censorship and Licensing: The Spanish Crown’s Sixteenth-Century Book Trade NS 31-32
Press and Politics—United States—HistoryOS 7/8
Press FrisketsNS 19
Press-builders in Philadelphia, 1776–1850OS 22
Primrose Press NS 27/28
Printers' advertisementsOS 40
Printers' devices—HebrewOS 40; NS 22
Printers' flowersOS 4
Printers' International Specimen Exchange, TheNS 8
Printers—Bermuda—HistoryOS 19, 20
Printers—California—San FranciscoOS 36, 40
Printers—Denmark—BiographyOS 29
Printers—Massachusetts—BostonNS 7, 11
Printers—New England—18th century—BiographyOS 23
Printers—United States—HistoryOS 2
Printers—United States—Social Life and CustomsOS 7/8
Printers—United States—Speeches, addresses, etc.OS 7/8
Printing and a Museum [the Smithsonian Institution Graphic Arts Division]OS 14
Printing for the United States: Meriden Gravure and the U.S. GovernmentOS 20
Printing Industry as a Leader in Electrification, The, 1883–1930OS 14
Printing industry—CaliforniaOS 7/8, 9
Printing industry—Employees—Labor unionsOS 35
Printing industry—Employees—Labor unions—United StatesOS 12
Printing industry—France—Lyon—History—16th centuryOS 5
Printing industry—New York (State)—New York—History—19th CenturyOS 11
Printing industry—New Zealand—HistoryOS 13
Printing industry—Technological innovations—United StatesOS 9, 12, 14, 22
Printing patentsOS 18
Printing platesOS 19
Printing presses—Electric drivingOS 14
Printing presses—Massachusetts—Boston—HistoryOS 1
Printing presses—United States—HistoryOS 4, 9, 23
Printing presses—United States—History—Civil War, 1861–1865NS 12
Printing supplies industryOS 6 OS 22
Printing with Plates in the Nineteenth Century United StatesOS 10
Printing, Arabic—History–18th CenturyNS 5
Printing, HebrewNS 10
Printing, Hebrew—HistoryOS 40
Printing—AccountingOS 21
Printing—California—History—19th centuryNS 9
Printing—California—History—20th centuryNS 9, 34
Printing—EducationNS 21
Printing—Europe—History–15th centuryOS 5
Printing—France—HistoryOS 23
Printing—Galleries and museumsOS 50
Printing—History—Americas—18th centuryNS 2
Printing—History—BibliographyOS 14
Printing—History—Great Britan—18th centuryNS 2
Printing—Ireland—HistoryOS 42
Printing—Italy—History–15th centuryOS 5
Printing—PeriodicalsOS 1
Printing—United States—History—20th centuryNS 6
Prints—Technique—Study and teachingNS 6
Private presses—Europe—History—20th centuryOS 41
Private presses—United statesOS 33
Private presses—United States—History—20th centuryOS 41
Processions—United States—19th CenturyOS 7/8
Producing Documents for Congress and the Nation: Government Printing in the United States, Past and Present. PART IOS 21
Producing Documents for Congress and the Nation: Government Printing in the United States, Past and Present. PART IIOS 22
Profile: Takashi Kono at EightyOS 17
PsaltersOS 24
Publishers and publishing—France—HistoryOS 23
Publishers and publishing—USA—Callifornia—San Francisco—HistoryNS 34
Publishers and publishing—Illinois—ChicagoOS 40
Publishing the U.S. Exploring Expedition: The Fruits of the Glorious EnterpriseNS 3
Quecus PressOS 18
Queer Print Activism in the Episcopal ChurchNS 33
Rail PressesOS 30
Railroads—California—HistoryNS 1
Ramage PressesOS 29
Ramage Proof PressOS 22
Ramage, Adam (1771 or 1772–1850)OS 22
Rampant Lions PressOS 41
Rare Book SchoolNS 6
Rare Book School—Collecting Litho Jam Jar Labels and Teaching Wood-Engraved Elephants: Rare Book School's Printing Surfaces CollectionNS 6
Readability and Revival: The Case of CaslonNS 10
Reading interests—United States—Virginia—HistoryOS 34
Reflections on the Centenary of the Merrymount PressOS 29
Renaissance Book, The, Introduction to conference papersOS 5
Renaissance Font: Paris, 1516, AOS 42
Renaissance-Baroque styles and periodsOS 5
Resistance productOS 15
Revelation of Saint John the TheologianOS 42
RisographNS 31/32
Robinson Jeffers and his PrintersOS 18
Roger, John R.OS 35
Rogers, Bruce (1870–1957)OS 3, 9, 11
Rogers, Bruce—A Note on Bruce Rogers in Youth and AgeOS 3
Rogers's Typograph Versus Mergenthaler's Linotype: The Push and Shove of Patents and Priority in the 1890sOS 35
Roman typesOS 42
Roundtable Discussion: Teaching Printing History with Codex ConquestNS 23
Ruel, Jean (1474–1537)OS 42
Ruggles, Stephen P. (1808–1880)OS 1
Rushmore, Arthur W. (1883–1955)OS 23
Sampson PressNS 34
Samuel Kneeland of Boston, Colonial Bookseller, Printer and Publisher of ReligionNS 11
Sans serif typesOS 16
Saving Printing History Outside the BoxNS 6
Scientific expeditions—United statesNS 3
Scientific worksOS 20
ScoresOS 16
Sea storiesNS 9
Second Revival, The; Fine Printing Since World War IIOS 41
Separately Published Engravings in the Early Republic: An Introduction to Copperplate Engraving and Printing in America Through 1820OS 11
Seven Letters from C.H. St. John Hornby to John Henry NashOS 47
Sherman, Conger (1793–1867)NS 3
Silver, Rollo Gabriel (1909–1989)—AppreciationOS 2, 18
Singer, Isaac Merritt (1811–1875)OS 2
Sketch of the Brief Printing Career of David Cree, 1784–1786, AOS 2
Slab-serif TypesOS 31/32
Small Old Printing Press, AOS 31/32
Smithsonian Institution, Division of Graphic ArtsOS 14, 28
Social Justice Poster ProjectNS 33
Some Caslon Ornaments in Some American BooksOS 4
Some Unlost Typefaces of Frederic W. Goudy [Originally printed as a keepsake for the Goudy Society Annual Dinner in 1978]OS 2
Soncino familyNS 10
SpacesNS 11
Speed CompositorsOS 28
SpiritualismNS 22
Stanhope—Robert Fulton's Portrait of Lord StanhopeOS 14
Stanhope, Charles (1753–1816)OS 14
Stansbury Press—The Rev. Abraham O. Stansbury and the Stansbury PressOS 42
Stansbury pressesOS 42
Stansbury, Abraham Ogier (1776–1829)OS 42
Starling Burgess, No Type Designer: A Rebuttal of Some Allegations and Suppositions Made by Mike Parker in his Article "Starling Burgess, Type Designer?" in Printing History 31/32 (1994)OS 37
StationeryNS 23
Stereotype platesOS 14
StereotypingOS 34
Stereotyping (Printing)OS 10
Stevens, Henry (1819–1886)OS 1
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Stockdale, PriscillaOS 19, 20
Stockdale, SarahOS 19, 20
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Stuart, Moses (1780–1852)OS 26/27
SwiftsOS 28
Tactile LiteracyNS 24
Tankas (scrolls or banners)OS 17
Taylor, Edward DeWitt (1871–1962)OS 36
Taylor, HalOS 7/8
Taylor, Henry HuntlyOS 36
Taylor, W. ThomasOS 33
Teaching TypographyOS 12
Temper of the Present, TheOS 33
The Lion Motif on Early Hebrew Title Pages and PressmarksNS 22
Theodore De Vinne: Unlikely LeaderOS 21
Theories of Letterform Construction. Part 1OS 26/27
Thin Ice PressNS 26
Thomas Jefferson and the Book ArtsOS 48
Thomas Todd Company, 1864–1924OS 28
Thomas, Isaiah (1749–1831)OS 31/32
Thomas, KseniyaNS 21
Thoughts on Research in Printing HistoryOS 18
Tibetan language—Writing—HistoryOS 17
Tibetan Texts Publishing SystemOS 17
Time of Giants: Speed Composition in Nineteenth-Century America, AOS 28
Title Pages—Renaissance-Baroque styles and periodsOS 5
Tory, Geofroy (fl. 1480–1533)OS 26/27; NS 3
Total Eclipse of Liberty, AOS 23
Trade Journals—Early Journals of Interest to APHA, Excerpts from five earlier printing related journals: The Typographic Messenger, The Inland Printer, The American Bookmaker, The Engraver and Printer, and The Printing ArtOS 1
Tramp Printers: Craft Culture, Trade Unions, and TechnologyOS 12
Transatlantic Involvement with Printing History, AOS 13
Trianon PressOS 41
Trianon Press's William Blake's Water-colour Designs for the Poems of Thomas Gray, TheOS 41
Troup, Augusta Lewis (1848–1920)OS 35
Tuer, Andrew White (1838–1900)NS 8
Twenty Years AfterOS 33
Two Victorian Voices Advocating Good Book Design: I. Henry Stevens and the ShoddimitesOS 1
Two Victorian Voices Advocating Good Book Design: II. Charles Kegan Paul, Perceptive PublisherOS 3
Type and type-foundingOS 13
Type and type-founding—BibliographyNS 4
Type and type-founding—ChicagoOS 17
Type and type-founding—FranceOS 49
Type and type-founding—Study and teachingOS 12, 14; NS 1
Type and type-founding—United StatesOS 49
Type and type-founding—United States—History—20th centuryOS 14
Type and type-founding—United States—Specimens—BibliographyOS 17
Type and typography—Study and teachingOS 4; NS 2
Type designers—United States—BiographyOS 31/32
Type Designs by George W. Jones for the Linotype MachineOS 31/32
Type Founders of New York City, The, 1840–1900OS 3
Type specimensNS 4
Type specimens—19th centuryOS 26/27; NS 8
Type to Print: The Book & The Type Specimen BookOS 43/44
Typeface ClassificationNS 18
Typeface elementsOS 46
Typefaces (Type evidence)—PalatinoNS 6
Typefaces—CopyrightOS 37
Typefounding matricesNS 6
Typefounding—New York (State)—New York—1840–1900OS 3
Typefounding—New York (State)—New York—DirectoriesOS 3
Typefounding—Philidelphia—HistoryOS 22
TypographOS 35
TypothecaeOS 6
U.S. Government Printing OfficeNS 23
Underground Printing in Europe, 1933–1945 An Historical ObservationOS 15
Underground productOS 15
Union Type FoundryOS 17
Union Type Foundry of Chicago, The, 1884–1892OS 17
United Typothetae of AmericaOS 21
Universal TypographyOS 4
Updike, Daniel BerkeleyOS 30
Updike, Daniel Berkeley (1860–1941)OS 29, 30
Victor Hammer—An Irish ConnectionOS 31/32
Vignettes of the Past: American Historical Broadsides Through the War of 1812OS 7/8
Village Letter FoundryOS 2
Violent Assaults on American Printing Shops, 1788–1860OS 2
Visual literacyOS 16
Visual literatureOS 16
Voice in the Mirror, TheOS 46
W. Starling Burgess, Type DesignerOS 31/32
W.R. Chambers & Co., The Externals of Books [reprint]OS 10
Walker, Emery, Sir (1851–1933)OS 20
Warde, Frederic (1894–1939)NS 4
Warren, Josiah (1798–1874)NS 4
Watch Hill PressNS 4
Watson, Amelia Montague (1856–1934)NS 8
Watts, John (1715–1789)OS 23
Way & Williams, Publishers, Chicago, 1895-98OS 40
Way & Williams—List of ImprintsOS 40
Weems, Mason Locke (1759–1825)OS 34
Weems, Parson—Cowl knows best what will suit in Virginia, The': Parson Weems on Southern ReadersOS 34
West Side NewsOS 19
When Noah Was A PupOS 23
Who Was Paul Messerschmidt?NS 17
Why Egyptian?OS 31/32
Why the Irish Speak English: The Consequences of One Culture's Resistance to Technological ChangeOS 42
Widow Will Print: A Notice on the Mechanization of Printing, The NS 29/30
Widow's Work: Ann Franklin of Newport, Rhode Island, AOS 24
William Berry: Publisher, Scoundrel, and SpiritualistNS 22
Winchester, Jonas (1810–1887)OS 9
Wise, Isaac Mayer (1819–1900)OS 3
Women's Typographical UnionOS 35
Wood Engravings—Before Rosebud was a Sled: Documentation and Reprinting of Early 19th Century Commercial Wood Engravings from the GramLee CollectionOS 20
Wood TypeNS 7, 4, 7/8, 22,
Wood-engravingNS 8, 10, NS 27/28
Wood-engraving, German—16th centuryOS 34
Woodblock printed papersOS 17
WoodburytypeOS 48
World War IINS 23
World War, 1939–1945 Resistance movementsOS 15
Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers (London, England)OS 18
Wright & Wright, Printers: The "Other" Career of Wilbur and OrvilleOS 19
Wright, Orville (1871–1948)OS 19
Wright, Wilbur (1867–1912)OS 19
Yetsweirt, Jane—BibliographyOS 18
Zapf, Hermann (1918—)NS 6
Zephyrus ImageNS 33
Ziebler, George B.OS 2

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Articles by author

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Bain, PeterOS 38/39
Baker, Morton H.OS 28
Barker, NicolasOS 37
Barnes, James J.OS 9
Barnum, George D.NS 23
Barrett, TimothyOS 30
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Treasures from the Hispanic Society Library: An Exhibition Curated by Mitchell A. Codding and John O’Neil
Paloma Celis CarbajalNS 34
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William Edwin RudgeWilliam J. GlickDaniel B. BianchiOS 18
Women in Printing. Northern California, 1857–1890Roger LevensonKathleen A. WalkupOS 33
Works of Carl P. Rollins, TheductionGay WalkerDavid PankowOS 13

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The index was developed in 2014 at the request of  James P. Ascher, then APHA Vice President of Publications, by librarian and scholar Joseph Grobelny with the assistance of website Editor Paul Moxon. It updates and expands the initial index (OS 34), developed by former Printing History editor David Pankow, and connects it to a handful of authoritative controlled vocabularies. These include (but are not limited to) the RBMS Controlled Vocabulary for Use in Rare Books and Special Collections CatalogingLibrary of Congress Subject Headings, and Getty Research Institute’s Art & Architecture Thesaurus.