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Edward Petko and Brad Freeman


Edward Petko

Dr. Petko has quietly promoted the development of printing history and book arts programs throughout the Southwest for decades. An avid collector of presses, type, and letterpress equipment, he has made these precious resources available to a large number of institutions. His desire to encourage interest in the history of printing and to promote continued work with historic printing equipment has succeeded in inspiring incredible growth and excitement in our field. Some of the institutions which have benefited from his largess include Arizona State University, UCLA, UC Riverside, California State LA, Harvey Mudd College, the University of Southern California, and the California State Library among others.


Covers of the Journal of Artists’ Books.

Brad has been the publisher and editor of the Journal of Artists’ Books from 1994–2020. This journal earned an international reputation as a forum for lively debate in the growing field of artists’ books during an important period of renewed activity and focus on historical methods of printing. In addition to nurturing this publication and the activities of folks in this field, Brad has been an active printer and educator. His hands-on work editing, designing, and actually printing this publication in lithographic print shops at SUNY-Purchase, New York; Nexus Press, Atlanta; and Columbia College, Chicago, demonstrated the vital role of historic printing technology in a world enduring the rapid technological changes of the digital revolution.

Jenna Rodriguez, Print Production Fellow, 2012. MFA Interdisciplinary Book Arts Program, Columbia College Chicago.

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