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Robert Darnton

In 2005 the Individual Award will go to Robert Darnton, an outstanding teacher and lecturer who will be honored for his many publications as well as for his exemplary scholarship in the field of book history. Professor Darnton, the Shelby Cullom David ’30 Professor of European History at Princeton University, is most widely known for his pioneering work in the archives of the Société Typographique de Neuchâtel, which made use of an innovative approach to the use of archival materials for analyzing printing and publishing practices in 18th-century France. The outcome of his researches was published in 1979 as The Business of the Enlightenment: a Publishing History of the Encyclopédie which, along with the many books and articles he had written since, has added a whole new dimension to the study of the history of the book in Europe. Darnton’s works continue to be very influential, appealing not only to the world of academe but to the general reader as well.