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Mills College

Academic book art programs are important contributors to the study of historical printing methods. Founded ninety years ago, the Mills College Book Art Program has taken the lead in developing academic programming that became the model for other institutions. Renowned for developing undergraduate and MFA courses of study and hosting prominent practitioners and scholars in the field, Mills has been central to the establishment of this now respected area of study.


  1. Eileen (Opie) Ostrow Feldman 15 January, 2021 at 4:53 pm

    This is a well-deserved honor. With fewer than a handful of instructors and staff, the program–led by Kathleen Walkup since the late 1970s–has changed the course of their students’ lives by showing us how wonderful it is to be immersed in ink. Seriously, though, it did shape my career path. I had no idea how much I enjoyed printing and publishing until I on a whim took book art classes at Mills. I’m forever grateful.

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