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RIP: Stephen Crook

Isaac Gewirtz, of the New York Public Library, has asked that this sad news be forwarded to APHA members.

On December 8, Stephen G. Crook, a long-time member and Executive Secretary of APHA, who retired from the New York Public Library’s Berg Collection in 2010, died. A memorial for him will be held on a weekday evening, at NYPL, in late January or February. The APHA membership will be notified as soon as arrangements have been finalized.

For twenty-one years, Steve brought passionate commitment, broad knowledge of English and American literature, careful attention, and a highly developed set of reference and descriptive skills to his work as a librarian in the Berg Collection, which was his calling. Legions of researchers benefited from his wise guidance. It was a privilege to work with him.

Isaac Gewirtz
Curator of the Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection
of English and American Literature