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Building Bridges through Letterpress Postcards, Workshop Recap

Josef Beery

(Photo: Lynette Spencer)

Fri, Oct. 25. | Visitors grabbed pencils and linocutters and returned to the world of relief printing in Lynette Spencer’s “Building Bridges” letterpress workshop. Hosted by BookLab, the University of Maryland’s one-year-old book arts and letterpress space, participants engaged in a four-hour intensive class designing and printing graphic two-color postcards reflecting on the APHA conference’s theme of social diversity and inclusion. [Read more]

ISO: Venetian and Florentine Printing Historical Sites

Josef Beery

I will accompany my wife on a trip to Italy this February. We will spend time in Florence, Venice, Vicenza, and do some hiking in the Valley of the Paper Mills on Lake Garda where paper for the Venetian printers was historically made.  [Read more]

Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Josef Beery


W.J. Ibbett’s handwritten bookplate on his personal copy of his first book, Poems by Antaeus, 1889. Photo of Ibbett adhered to the frontispiece position of the same copy. (Norman Colbeck Collection, Special Collections, University of British Columbia)


3:15-4:15 pm  saturday, october 8

Casey Smith: Ibbett Did It: Piquerism, Poetry, and Letterpress Printing
E. Haven Hawley: William Berry: Publisher, Scoundrel, and Spiritualist 


This fascinating session presented by Casey Smith and Haven Hawley (with Heather Smedberg as her surrogate) could have as well been named, “unsolved mysteries.”  [Read more]