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ISO: Venetian and Florentine Printing Historical Sites

I will accompany my wife on a trip to Italy this February. We will spend time in Florence, Venice, Vicenza, and do some hiking in the Valley of the Paper Mills on Lake Garda where paper for the Venetian printers was historically made. I hope to use this trip to enhance my knowledge of important sites and artifacts in the history of printing and the book. I am interested in suggestions from our expert membership on sites that I should include on our itinerary. 


  1. If you plan a visit to the Biblioteca Marciana, please please get there early. I missed a wonderful exhibit on Aldus Manutius by a few minutes, as they closed at 1pm. We went to Padova overnight, planning to return after seeing the glorious Arena/Scrovegni chapel the next morning. But the morning train back was delayed, and we raced to the library, only to arrive 5 minutes after closing.
    Also, the Museo Bodoniano in Parma is worth a stopover; it has been completely revamped and expanded, up to modern expectations.

  2. Tipoteca Italiana is about an hour’s drive north from Venice. It’s on my bucket list!

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