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2019 Conference: One Press, Many Hands articles:

Printmaking at Marakere University, Kampala, Uganda

Mia D'Avanza

Mathias Tusiime with some of his woodcuts on his handmade paper. (Casey Smith)

Sat., Oct. 26 | Casey Smith presented on his month-long trip to Kampala, Uganda as part of a cultural immersion program for artists through apexart. He explored the city and prestigious Makerere University in particular, where he learned about their printmaking techniques using hand-registered woodcuts on MDF. As Smith showed photos of the woodcuts (both blocks and prints), he pointed out that they typically depict domestic life or political subject matter. [Read more]

Pyramid Atlantic Tour & Letterpress Workshop

Melanie Leung

Pressure print form, wood type. and resulting print from workshop. (Photos: Melanie Leung)

Sun., Oct. 27  | Pyramid Atlantic is located in the Gateway Arts District in Hyattsville, Maryland.  It occupies a space that has had several previous uses, including a church, arcade and duckpin bowling alley.

Our tour began on the ground floor.  There is a small shop as you enter, which then transitions into an open floor plan, divided into the following studio spaces: letterpress, bindery, and printmaking.  Down the hall, there are tables for classes and separate rooms for papermaking, screen printing, a darkroom, as well as separate office-type studios for artists. The second floor also has offices and a small library, though the majority of the space is used as a gallery for artists to exhibit their work.  You can also see some elements of the building’s history preserved here in some of the architectural elements of the space. [Read more]