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David C. Driskell Center Tour

Dianne L. Roman

Left: Charles White’s “My God is a Rock,” linocut. Right: David C. Driskell’s “Accent of Autumn.” 2016—a textured serigraphone with Dorit Yaron explaining.

Fri., Oct. 25 | On this afternoon, an intimate group of APHA members gathered at the front of the David C. Driskell Center for the Study of the Visual Arts and Culture of African Americans and the African Diaspora, for an introduction to the center, its mission, and a tour of the current exhibition. [Read more]

Tour of RIT’s Image Permanence Institute

Dianne L. Roman

Image Permanence Institute's Alice Carver-Kubik in the Microsocopy Lab. (Dianne L. Roman)

Image Permanence Institute’s Alice Carver-Kubik in the Microsocopy Lab. (Dianne L. Roman)


Behind-the-scenes with the renowned archival preservation foundation that serves collections worldwide.

11 am & 1 pm,  thursday, october 22

The Image Permanence Institute primarily focuses on assisting institutions with their physical environment for the preservation of their cultural property through monitoring and managing humidity and temperature, yet there is much information here the individual producer of materials and the small-personal collector can benefit from.  [Read more]