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Happy New Year 2014

rushmore detail

“How wonderful to have nothing to do, and to rest afterward.”

Isidore, Bishop of Seville, 560–636 CE


This is your editor’s wish for one and all before the year begins in earnest. From The Golden Hind Press Commonplace Book (1955), an edition of  trial pages limited to fifty copies. A note on the page says: “Toward the close of his life the bishop composed a summary of his teachings, the Etymolgiae. The book had immense success and served as a manual of universal knowledge throughout the next five centuries.” 

The Golden Hind Press, established in 1927, was the private press of Arthur W. Rushmore (1883–1955) who for many years had been the director of design and manufacture for Harper & Bros., Publishers and had five designs selected for AIGA’s Fifty Books of the Year.