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Toward An APHA Checklist

I am developing a checklist for this website of printing history publications written or edited by APHA members (current, lapsed and deceased), APHA Award Laureates, Lieberman Lecturers, and Mark Samuels Lasner Fellows.  

I envision this to be another resource for membership and the public. I invite all APHA members, especially longtime members, to help develop this data by suggesting important books that they believe should be listed. Please visit the checklist to see what has been compiled so far.


  1. Alastair Johnston, ex-member. Alphabets to Order: The Literature of Typefounders’ Specimens; William Loy, 19th century American Designers & Engravers of Type (with Steven O. Saxe); Transitional Faces: The lives and work of Richard Austin, type-cutter, and Richard Turner Austin, wood-engraver

  2. Paul Moxon, Website Editor 31 March, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    Thank you, Alastair. I thought I might lure you. To keep the list representative, I’ll just add one. So hard to choose. Alphabets?

    By the way, get a friend to “lend” you a copy of Printing History 21. It’s got a new editor. And it’s quite good. You might just want to rejoin.

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