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Andersen-Lamb Ephemera and Pressroom Photos

Beth Schuchter wrote to share some ephemera printed by Andersen-Lamb, the notable  Brooklyn, New York photogravure company. She also has shared some nice photographs featuring the pressroom with etching presses. Andersen-Lamb was mentioned in a 2014 post, on this website,  inquiring about the W.T. Littig Printing Co. 

Ms. Schuchter, who wishes to learn more, says:

These photos were taken in the late 60s and early 70s. My father was in the printing and publishing business in Cincinnati, Ohio. He represented a local artist, and they were pursuing a project for a copper engraving of Carolina Parakeets that was to be hand-colored. He went to New York on several occasions and corresponded for several years with Edna and Bertrand Anderson. On the back of about 3/4th of the more than fifty photographs are the names of two different photographers: Trudy Fleischmann and James F. Brown.