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A Golden Hind Artifact

Left: Arthur W. Rushmore posting his hand-painted sign, May 30, 1941. Right: the sign as it looks today, 20 × 15″. (Courtesy of Edna Macphail)

Recently, Mrs. Edna Macphail asked for recommendations for donating materials in her possession associated with, or printed by, her grandfather Arthur W. Rushmore (1883–1955). Rushmore, a book designer, and head of manufacturing for Harper & Brothers Publishers is known today for his private Golden Hind Press, established with his wife Edna Keeler Rushmore, in 1927.1

Rushmore inspects a proof pulled on his Acorn Press. Photograph by his daughter Delight Rushmore Lewis, 1951, mother of Edna Macphail.

Much of Rushmore’s personal library, papers, and publications are held by the Madison  Public Library in his hometown of Madison, New Jersey. Printed items, proofs, clippings, and ephemera can also be found in the  Special Collections at The University of Delaware Library.

Printed and hand-colored Invitation, 5 × 9″. Margins reduced. (Courtesy of Edna Macphail)

During my correspondence with Mrs. Macphail, she shared photographs of several items she wished to donate. One incidental photo included the sign, shown at the top, in the background. After I asked about it and mentioned our upcoming Awayzgoose, she sent me the image of AWR nailing it to a tree. I am pleased to say that this sign now hangs in my print shop. I intend to bring it to a ’goose someday. 



  1. The origins of the term “wayzgoose” (or, earlier, “way-goose”) have posed quite a puzzle to eymologists–to date, an unsolved puzzle. For an interesting discussion by etymologist Anatoly Liberman, see

  2. Paul Moxon, Website Editor 27 October, 2020 at 2:14 pm

    Thank you for the link, Steve. A thorough examination of the term’s origins.

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