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Call for Proposals 2014

The American Printing History Association (APHA) with the Friends of Dard Hunter (FDH) announce our new (ad)venture: Joint Annual 2014 Conference in San Francisco, California from Thursday, October 16 to Saturday, October 18, 2014 at San Francisco Center for the Book. Proposals are due by March 15, 2014. PDF


This joint conference explores the histories of paper as used by printers: we will consider the rapport between the type, presses, and papers available to printers from the beginnings until today. Attention could be drawn to how a new printing technology called for different papers, or how the availability of certain papers demanded certain presses. Historical topics could include Italian handmade paper in the Gutenberg Bible, Baskerville and calendering, the arrival of coated stock, or the development of papermaking machines.

The focus of the conference is on the interrelationship between paper and printing, but topics specifically on paper are entirely welcome. The contemporary use of paper not only for letterpress printers but also for artist books and as works of art would be excellent topics to explore. Information about the variety of plant and fiber materials from around the world and suitability for printing could be quite useful.

We hope to find the convergences and overlaps between our two groups that would enhance each other’s understanding of the properties and value of paper.Attendees will have the opportunity to sample some of San Francisco’s cultural riches through special members-only tours and visits to the special collections of institutions and organizations. A book/trade fair is planned as well as a special paper installation exhibit at the SFCB. Many of the activities will be located at SFCB, but the keynote address, lectures and some demonstrations will be at another location in the city. More details on a recommended hotel and travel information will be on the websites for each organization as they become available.

Call for Proposals

All proposals must be submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word attachment (.doc or .docx format) or pdf file to Proposals should be single-spaced with one-inch margins in 12-pt. Times New Roman. You will receive a timely acknowledgment that your proposal has been received.

Suggestions for possible topics for the presentations:

  1. Woodblock printing in Asia
  2. Gutenberg and Italian handmade paper
  3. Aldus Manutius and his sources (Magnani, Fabriano): the Italian Renaissance, in particular
  4. Early German, French, Italian papers: quality and quantity: a material history
  5. John Baskerville and calendered paper
  6. Bodoni type on rich papers: the relationship to his refined types
  7. The demands of the Stanhope press
  8. The decline of quality in the 19th century: foxing in cloth paper and acid in pulp papers
  9. The demands of the cylinder press: the rise of mass journalism and “newsprint in the yellow press”
  10. Special papers in book and newspapers (i.e., the arrival of coated stock in 19th century books)
  11. Papers for offset versus the traditional letterpress
  12. Handmade vs machine made paper: handpress, cylinder, & platen press
  13. The disappearance of variety and quality in contemporary printing
  14. The recent arrival of ‘digital’ papers
  15. A toolmakers’ discussion of papermaking and printmaking equipment
  16. Dard Hunter and his regional histories of paper
  17. Papers for lithography: stone and offset; the rise of ‘coated’ stock
  18. How ‘card’ stock was developed by European officials and printers to accommodate the demands of card players
  19. Handmade paper for letterpress printers today
  20. Handmade paper in artist books

proposal for presentations guidelines:

We solicit proposals for 20-minute individual presentations or 50-min group panels (maximum 500 words). Please include the following information, all centered on the page:

Proposal for demonstrations guidelines:

We solicit proposals for 30-minute individual demonstrations or 60-min group demonstrations (maximum 500 words). Please include the following information, all centered on the page:

The acceptance for all proposals will be by blind judging, so your name, biography and contact information will be removed before judging by the Joint Program Committee. You will be contacted by April 15 if your proposal is accepted.

APHA or FDH membership must be current within two weeks of notification of acceptance of your proposal. Please note that presenters will pay for their own travel, hotel arrangements and registration fees. For further information, please visit the APHA or FDH websites.

APHA VP for Programs Sara T. Sauers
FDH VP of Annual Meetings Jennifer Baker

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