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Annual Meeting Recap


APHA’s Individual Achievement Award is presented to Roger Stoddard (left) and the Institutional Achievement Award is presented to David R. Godine (right) by APHA President Robert McCamant. Photos by Joel Mason.

With the American Printing History Association meeting and reception, Bibliography Week in New York comes at an end. Good fun, good talks, and good fellowship! Congratulations to our new officers Sara T. Sauers Vice-President for Programs, and trustees Jae Rossman, Haven Hawley and Fran Durako; as well as thanks to outgoing officers Kitty Maryatt for Programs and trustees Carl Darrow and Joan Friedman. Congratulations also to APHA Award winners Roger Stoddard (who donated his Boy Scout merit badge business card to APHA’s archives!) and David R. Godine, Inc. And congratulations to L. Elizabeth Upper for the 2014 Mark Samuels Lasner Fellowship for her winning proposal, “The Earliest Artifacts of Color Printing: Early Modern Frisket Sheets, c.1490-c.1620.” (Elizabeth presented at our conference in October and spoke about frisket sheets on Friday at the Grolier Club to the Bibliographical Society of America.)

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