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ISO: Early Book Banning

 Via the Contact form:

I am interested in the earliest banning of books. I looked at your History of Printing Timeline, and it mentions France, in the 1500s, under penalty of death. 

And then Spain banning printing in their New World colonies. Is there anywhere to get an even more specific list of the earliest book bannings from  printings’ very beginnings?

Thank you!
Kimberly Butler


  1. Hi, Kimberly. I run a website that attempts to deal with this topic called Bibliography of the Damned ( I go back as far as I can, but the reality is that the Catholic Church didn’t centralize its Index of Forbidden Books until about 1600. Prior to that, it was more localized, say, by the University of Paris, the Spanish Inquisition, the Portuguese Inquisition, etc. There’s a whole series (11 volumes) by a fantastic bibliographer named J.M. de Bujanda that I reference throughout that I would recommend. Hope this helps!

    Rob Sarwark

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