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ISO: 1920s Mimeography Production

From the Contact form:

I’m a researcher trying to figure out how a particular newsletter published in the 1920s was produced. Looking around online, it looks like some kind of mimeography, but I’m not sure. Is there anyone in your network whom I could talk to? I have lots of scans and photos that I can share.
Daniel Ohanian
PhD Student in History
University of California, Los Angeles


  1. I’d suggest contacting Rich Dana, a special collections librarian at the University of Iowa Libraries. He’s done research into mimeography and related processes, as well as leading workshops in the practice of those methods.

  2. My friend Corey would like to talk to you. Here is his info:

    Corey Bechelli
    Coreybechelli at

    I have 2 working mimeograph machines I use in my art practice, have studied the history of stencil duplication, and in my day job in antiquarian books I have studied, handed, and identified stencil duplicated publications from the early-mid 20th century.

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