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2016 Conference Call for Papers


The American Printing History Association is pleased to announce a call for papers (pdf) for our 2016 conference at the Huntington Library, October 7-8. We are very excited about this year’s theme: “The Black Art & Printers’ Devils: The Magic, Mysticism, and Wonders of Printing History.” We hope that you will consider submitting a proposal for a presentation or demonstration.  Proposals are due March 15. 


  1. Will there be any printmaking exhibitions and/or submission opportunities in conjunction with “The Black Art & Printers’ Devils: The Magic, Mysticism, and Wonders of Printing History?”
    Thank you,
    Joe Tsambiras

  2. There will be a book fair on Friday afternoon open to conference attendees and the general public. Although the intent of that book fair is for printers, artists, binders, etc. to sell their works, there won’t be a requirement to do so. If you are interested in renting a table for exhibition purposes, please let us know and we will send information as it becomes available. Thank you!

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