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Printing History 22 in the Mail

Printing History 22, the second issue produced by the team of Brooke Palmieri, editor; Michael Russem, publication designer; and Katherine Ruffin, Vice-President for Publications, has just been mailed to APHA members. Kim Schwenk is the guest editor of this issue, which is based on the Black Arts and Printer’s Devils theme of the APHA conference held at the Huntington Library in October 2016. 

The contents include an interview with artist Liv Rainey-Smith; the articles “An Aesthetic History of the Ouija Board” by Jesse Ryan Erickson; “William Berry: Publisher, Scoundrel, and Spiritualist” by E. Haven Hawley; and “The Lion Motif on Early Hebrew Title Pages and Pressmarks” by Marvin J. Heller. Book Reviews include: Mark R. Godburn, Nineteenth-Century Dust-Jackets and William J. Kiesel, Printers Devices in Esoteric Publishing.

Printing History 22 was printed at PuritanCapital in Hollis, New Hampshire.

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