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ISO: Mt. Washington Hotel Print Shop

From the Contact page:

Hello, I recently stayed at the historical Mt. Washington Hotel in New Hampshire. On a walk of the grounds, I stumbled upon an old building full of very old printing press machinery, templates, and so many other historical relics related to printing.

The building is locked and in great disarray- it’s almost ready to fall down. It doesn’t appear as though anyone at the hotel is interested in protecting or preserving this great piece of history. Can you help direct me to someone in your organization who would be interested in reaching out to the hotel (Omni owned) so we can possibly have this equipment donated to a museum or other institution?

Amy-Maria Schulze


  1. There are multiple references to this print shop on Briar Press at has undertaken the task of trying to preserve this very unique print shop. Frank Romano of The Museum of printing in Haverhill, MA was working with the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance

  2. Has there been any effort by Omni to rehabilitate the Mount Washington Hotel Print Shop? It is a shame to have that part of the history of the Hotel left to oblivion. It has been that way for decades and is an embarrassment to the Omni Hotel chain. They have built an edition at the rear of the hotel but have ignored this part of its history. The profit motive is, unfortunately, the only motive of Omni. I worked at the Hotel in 1972 & 1973, as a younger man, and the Print Shop was almost collapsing then.

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