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Panel Discussion: David Charles Chioffi, Lesley Dill, Bree McMahon, and Cynthia Nourse Thompson—”Experimental Junctures in Typography”

Bryan Bedell

Details from “Through This Lens: Composing The Source” [top] and “UNI Combining Form” [bottom], 2018. A mutually dependent 460-page introductory student project by first-semester graphic design students, developed and led by Chioffi and McMahon, at the School of Art, University of Arkansas.

Sun, Nov. 8 | This Sunday-afternoon panel discussion focused on two student projects involving experimental typography, the role of collaboration in artist books, and the work of the artist Lesley Dill.  [Read more]

Bruce Licher & Richard Kegler—Keynote Presentation

Bryan Bedell

Bruce Licher (Bruce Willey Photography)

Sun, Nov. 8 | Bruce Licher is a deservedly-revered and influential printer/designer/artist/musician whose book, Savage Impressions: An Aesthetic Expedition Through the Archives of Independent Projects Records & Press, was released earlier this year by P22 Type Foundry. [Read more]