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Pulp Casting Demo

Jon Hook and Andrea Peterson, Sculptural Forms: Casting Pulp in Ceramic Molds.
detail of final sheet (with incorporated print) cast in half-round corn-cob mould. (Alta Price)

Detail of final sheet (with incorporated print) cast in half-round corn-cob mould. (Alta Price)

Ceramicist Jon Hook and papermaker Andrea Peterson of Hook Pottery Paper gave an engaging demo on how to make both the paper and moulds for casting a variety of objects. Jon and Andrea covered clay selection; mould creation; sheet formation using a deckle box; light pressing, by hand, of freshly formed sheet; inclusion of printed imagery into final cast, akin to a 3-D version of chine collé with relief prints on a variety of papers; and casting and removal of final paper object. This process is ideal for creating lightweight sculptural paper forms that are relatively strong, and can be made even more durable with additional treatments ranging from waterproof acrylic coatings to UV filters, etc. Because of the wet paper fibers’ natural hydrogen bonds, no glues or release agents are typically needed. The event overlapped with other presentations, but participants who stayed on after the demo were able to select their own pre-made print and try the paper casting process for themselves. The presentation was brief, but Jon and Andrea also offer classes and workshops for those keen to learn more, so everyone left inspired.


Cotton paper cast of skeleton with applied lino print on abaca which occurs during the casting process. (Andrea Peterson)

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