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Printing History 2


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Summer 2007


Lance Hidy, Calligraphy and Letterpress in Design Education.
Matthew J. Shaw, Keeping Time in the Age of Franklin: Almanacs and the Atlantic World.



Tyrus Harmsen and Stephen Tabor, The Plantin Press of Saul and Lillian Marks: A Bibliography. [Alastair Johnson]
Betty Bright, No Longer Innocent: Book Art in America. [WP]
Richard B. Doubleday, Jan Tschichold, Designer: The Penguin Years. [WP] 
James Mosley, Handmade Type: Thoughts on the Preservation of Typographic Materials. [Stephen O. Saxe]
Simon Loxley, Type: The Secret History of Letters. [WP]
Moira F. Harris and Leo J. Harris, Minnesota on Paper: Collecting our Printed History. [WP]
Virginia Smith, Forms in Modernism: The Unity of Typography, Architecture and the Design Arts. [WP]
Mathieu Lommen, Sem Hartz and the Making of Linotype Juliana. [WP]
Don Hauser, Printers of the Streets and the Lanes of Melbourne. [WP]
Jenny Uglo, Nature’s Engraver: A Life of Thomas Bewick. [WP]

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