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Winter 2007


Gregory Graalfs, Photography in Reproduction: Its Role in the Settlement of California.
Kitty Maryatt, Experience Gutenberg Project: Printing Beorum II at the Scripps College Press.



Christopher de Hamel and Joel Silver, Disbound and Dispersed: The Leaf Book Considered. [WP]
Irene Tichenor, No Art without Craft: The Life of Theodore Low DeVinne, Printer. [WP]
James N. Green and Peter Stallybrass, Benjamin Franklin, Printer and Writer. [Calhoun Winton]
John A. Lane, Early Type Specimens in the Plantin-Moretus Museum.[Alastair Johnston]
Lawrence Wallis, George W. Jones: Printer Laureate. [WP]
Richard Southall, Printer’s Type in the Twentieth Century: Manufacturing and Design Methods. [WP]
Jane Pomeroy, Alexander Anderson: Wood-engraver and Illustrator.[Alastair Johnston]
Ari Rafaeli, Book Typography. [WP]
Michael Mitchell and Susan Wightman, Book Typography: A Designer’s Manual. [WP]
Maureen Watry, The Vale Press: Charles Ricketts, A Publisher in Ernest.[WP]
Type and Typography: Highlights from Matrix, the Review for Printers and Bibliophiles. [WP]
Fred Smeijers, Type Now: A Manifesto, plus Work So Far. [Alastair Johnston]
John A. Lane and Robert Slimbach, Garamond Premier Pro: AContemporary Adaptation. [WP]
Reynolds Stone, The Albion Press. [WP]

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