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Printing History 3


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Winter 2008


Gabe Smedresman, Geofroy Tory’s Champ Fleury in the Context of the Renaissance Reconstruction of the Roman Capital Alphabet.
Joan Boudreau, Publishing the U.S. Exploring Expedition: The Fruits of the Glorious Enterprise.



Scott-Martin Kosofsky, ed. The SP Century: Boston’s Society of Printers through One Hundred Years of Change. [Martin Antonetti]
Peter Holliday, Edward Johnston: Master Calligrapher. [Jerry Kelly]
Frans A Janssen. Technique and Design in the History of Printing. [Alastair Johnson]
Alice H.R.H. Beckwith, Illustrating the Good Life: The Pissarros’ Eragny Press, 1894-1914. A Catalogue of an Exhibition of Books, Prints and Drawings Related to the Work of the Press. [WP]

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