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Printing History OS 26/27


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Volume 13, No. 2 and Volume 14 no. 1



Matthew Carter, Theories of Letterform Construction. Part 1.
Kay Amert, Origins of the French Old-Style: The Roman and Italic Types of Simon de Colines.
Maxwell Whiteman, The Introduction and Spread of Hebrew Type in the United States.
Alastair Johnston, ‘Guard the Mysteries! Constantly Reveal Them!’ The History of Printing as Shown in Type Specimens.
Mark Argetsinger, Adobe Garamond: A Review Jerry Kelly, Adobe Garamond: A New Adaptation of a Sixteenth-Century Type.



John Bidwell (reviewer), Martin Hutner, The Making of the Book of Common Prayer of 1928.
Peter Van Wingen (reviewer), John Dreyfus, A Typographical Masterpiece: An Account of… the Golden Cockerel Press Edition of ‘The Four Gospels’ in 1931.

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