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Printing History 27/28


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Combined Issue 2020


An Interview with Tia Blassingame of Primrose Press
Sarah Werner, “Working Toward a feminist Printing History”
Sonia Farmer, “Palimpsest of Paradise: The Craftsman Press Archive”
K.A. Wisniewski. “Compositors of Type: Mary Katharine Goddard, Frances Hopkinson, and Design in Eighteenth-Century America”
Todd Samuelson, “Imperfect Iterations: Duplicate Iconography in Wood Engraving Blocks”
Georgia Deal, “Paper and Print: A Rich History and Future”



Monique Lallier: A Retrospective [Fran Durako]
Maryam Fanni, Matilda Flodmark, and Sara Kaaman, editors, The Natural Enemies of Books [Brooke Sylvia Palmieri]
Mark Argetsinger, A Grammar of Typography [Jerry Kelly]
Simon Loxley, Emery Walker: Arts, Crafts, and a World in Motion and Richard Matthews and Joseph Rosenblum, editors, Printing For Book Production: Emery Walker’s Three Lectures … [George Barnum] 

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