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Printing History 24


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Summer 2018


An Interview with Douglas Charles, Journeyman Printer
Amanda Stuckey, Tactile Literacy
Erin Schreiner, Printing the Screenplay in Hollywood and Beyond
Amelia J. Hugill-Fontanel, Multitudinous Tints: An Inventor’s Pursuit of Instantaneous Multicolor Printing
Paul Shaw’s response to Jerry Kelly’s review of Revival Type: Digital Typefaces Inspired by the Past (2017) published in Printing History 23 (Winter 2018).



Hala Auji, Printing Arab Modernity: Book Culture and the American Press in Nineteenth-Century Beirut. [Radha Dalal]
Douglas W. Charles, Bed & Platen Book Printing Machines: American and British Streams of Ingenious Regression in the Quest for Print Quality. [Stephen Sword]
Caroline Archer-Parré and Malcolm Dick, eds. John Baskerville: Art and Industry of the Enlightenment. [Paul Shaw]

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