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Printing History 25 Coming Soon

Left: Sample cover for a Bible, which would have been carried by a book agent to give customers a sense of their options when purchasing a bespoke Bible. (Zinman Collection of Canvassing Books at the University of Pennsylvania) Right: An idealized engraving of the work of the Bible Society in disseminating scripture, by Asher Brown Durand (1796–1886). (New York Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Printing History 25, produced by the team of Brooke Palmieri, editor; Michael Russem, publication designer; and Katherine Ruffin, Vice-President for Publications, is being mailed to APHA members this week. 

This issue includes an interview with Bruce Kennett, author of W.A. Dwiggins: A Life in Design, which was published by the Letterform Archive in 2017. Printing History 25 features two articles about Bibles: “A Very Good Book Indeed: Selling Bibles by Subscription in Nineteenth-Century America” by Lynne Farrington and “‘Spiritual Machinery’: The American Bible Society and the Mechanisms of Large-Scale Printing in the Early Nineteenth Century” by Jeffrey Makala. This issue also includes a review of Publishing Manifestos, which was edited by Michalis Pichler.

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