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Anglo-American Coöperation

I’m pleased to announce that APHA and the Printing Historical Society of the UK have agreed to start offering reciprocal benefits to our memberships.

APHA members can attend most PHS events and purchase some PHS publications at the member price. PHS members will be invited to do the same with APHA events.

As it happens, PHS is about to stage a sizeable conference in honor of their 50th anniversary. It’s to be November 13 and 14 in London, and has an impressive array of speakers on a variety of topics. As an APHA member, you are entitled to attend at the rate of £95 (about $162 at today’s rates). The list of speakers and a link to an online registration page can be found here.

Current paid-up APHA members should have received the discount registration code in their email. If you’re not paid up, there’s no better time than the present to fix that.

We’re happy that we’re going to have a blockbuster fall conference in San Francisco October 16-18 as an enticement for PHS members to visit us.

—Bob McCamant, APHA President

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