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Recent issues of Printing History on Sale Now

These issues—and others—are available to the public through RIT Press. Here are the links for 27/28 and 29/30.

ISO: De Vinne “Masculine Typography” Speech

From the Contact form:

Hello, my name is Florian and I’m a French student in typography!

I am currently writing a dissertation about gender and typography for my diploma, and one of my main references is the “Masculine typography” speech of Theodore Low De Vinne. [Read more]

ISO: Robert Thom printing plate

From the Contact page:

I am wondering if you could offer any information about an item we found in the Detroit area. We have a Robert Thom printing plate “The temples and cult of Asclepius”. We can provide photos and measurements if you would like. We haven’t been able to locate anything even remotely similar and are wondering if it has some historical significance and value. Thank you so much!

Kind Regards,

Carla Abraham

New Board Members for 2022

The American Printing History Association is pleased to introduce members who have agreed to serve as officers and Trustees on the APHA board. This dynamic group of talented people will grow our organization and keep APHA thriving. We’re excited they are joining us.

The Nominating Committee 
Jesse Ryan Erickson
Nina Schneider, Chair
Kseniya Thomas
Carrie Valenzuela

[Read more]

ISO: Printing in the 1930s and 40s

From the contact form:

Hello, I am a writer from NJ. My father who recently passed told me several stories about his father who owned/worked for the first/only printing press in their town of Murray, KY. My father was born in 1931 so this would have been in the 30s and 40s. I am looking for information about the shop and what printing was like in those days. [Read more]

2022 Annual Meeting

Harold Kyle

The American Printing History Association Board of Trustees invites you to join the 2022 Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 29 at 2pm Eastern. As last year, the meeting will be conducted via Zoom and registration (below) is required beforehand. The Annual Meeting will have guest talks by the recipients of our 2022 APHA Awards: [Read more]

President’s Annual Letter, 2021

Elizabeth Haven Hawley

Dear Member of the American Printing History Association, 

You are cordially invited to the Annual Meeting at 2 pm (EST) on Saturday,  January 29, 2022, to celebrate excellence in printing history and conduct the Association’s business. Annual meeting information will be e-mailed to members and posted on this site. [Read more]

2022 Mark Samuels Lasner Fellowship in Printing History

The American Printing History Association (APHA) is accepting applications for the 2022 Mark Samuels Lasner Fellowship in Printing History. An award of up to $2,000 is available for research in any area of the history of printing, including all the arts and technologies relevant to printing, the book arts, and letter forms.  [Read more]

Book Review: A Poetics of the Press: Interviews with Poets, Printers, & Publishers

Steve Miller

Edited by Kyle Schlesinger Interviews with Rosmarie Waldrop, Keith Waldrop, Tom Raworth, Lyn Hejinian, Alan Loney, Mary Laird, Jonathan Greene, Alastair Johnston, Johanna Drucker, Phil Gallo, Steven Clay, Charles Alexander, Annabel Lee, Inge Bruggeman, Matvei Yankelevich, Anna Moschovakis, Aaron Cohick, and Scott Pierce Ugly Duckling Presse co-published with Cuneiform Press. Trade Paperback Nonfiction. $30 5.75″ ×  8.75″. 384 pp. ISBN 978-1-937027-74-2. Order

I have never marked a book up. No marginalia for me. My books tend to stay pristine. But almost immediately there were moments in each of the 16 interviews with book makers that spoke to my head, my heart, my experiences, to a passion for books, and to poetry. I guess that’s why editor Kyle Schlesinger titled this collection A Poetics of the Press. I filled my fountain pen with violet ink and began marking up passages.  [Read more]

2021 Lieberman Lecture: Derrick R. Spires

Derrick R. Spires, Cornell University
“Nineteenth-Century Black Printing and the Matter of Black Life”
December 2 at 7 p.m EST via Zoom

Printing with printing presses at Claflin University, Orangeburg, S.C. South Carolina Orangeburg, 1899. (Library of Congress  )

[Read more]