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Zenab Bastawala—Type Specimens: A Microscopic View of Assorted Metal Sorts During Colonial India

George Barnum

Electro block from Kikabhai Type Specimen, Bombay, 1883. (Zenab Bastawala)

Fri. Nov. 6 | What is more enticing, more alluring than catalogs? Who among us hasn’t mesmerized by the wonders in vintage printing catalogs and type specimen books?   [Read more]

Alessandro Colizzi—In the Footsteps of Nebiolo’s Art Studio: Reading the Evidence

Sara T. Sauers

A composite from the Nebiolo General Catalogue of 1939.

Sun, Nov. 8 |  Alessandro Colizzi, design faculty at Politechnic University in Milan, Italy, presented his research into the history of the Nebiolo Foundry, particularly the origins and development of their art studio. Founded in Turin, Italy, in 1852, Nebiolo was a small business launched in a newly united Italy.  [Read more]

Judith Poirier—Fraktura: A Typographic Horror Movie

Paul Moxon, Website Editor

Still from the film Fraktura, 2020, Judith Poirier

Fri., Nov. 6 |  Judith Poirier introduced Awayzgoose attendees to the process behind her brief abstract typographic movies, showing us how she produces letterpress animation—without a camera—to create compositions in motion punctuated with discordant (and harmonious) sounds.  [Read more]

Dafi Kühne‚ Alternatives to Wood Type in the 20th Century

Alice H.R.H. Beckwith

Dafi Kühne in his studio, Näfels, Switzerland

Thurs., Nov. 5 | Dafi Kühne discussed his research on twenieth century poster type pantograph cut from plastic and light-metal and cast plastic type. From his spacious well-equipped letterpress studio in the Swiss mountain village of Näfels, Kühne explained that these synthetic types do not need finishing with shellac or linseed oil, nor do they wear out over time as wood type does. Kühne’s talk is available at [Read more]

Paula Scher—Keynote Presentation

George Barnum

Caption placeholder: poster for Shakespeare in the Park (Paula Scher)

Thur., Nov. 5 | Paula Scher’s name and visual style as a renowned graphic designer may be more familiar to other attendees of the 2020 APHA/Hamilton Wood Type Museum Awayzgoose than they were to me. But her work over the last quarter-century for New York’s Public Theater and Shakespeare in the Park are immediately identifiable with their stark, uncompromising emphasis on typography. As she said, the identity she developed for the Public Theater “became New York.” [Read more]

Panel Discussion—Jim Hamilton, Rob Saunders, Jim Moran, Sandro Berra, Mark Barbour: The Future of the Printing Museum

George Barnum

Clockwise from top left: Sandro Berra, Jim Hamilton, Jim Moran, Rob Saunders, and Mark Barbour.

Sat., Nov. 7 | This distinguished panel discussed the wide variety of approaches to preserving the history and craft of printing. Each panelist gave an introduction to his institution, followed by a discussion led by Jim Hamilton. [Read more]

Panel Discussion: Dox Thrash Preservation Initiative

George Barnum

Dox Thrash House

Fri., Nov. 6 | In their presentation, Maya Thomas, Dana Rice, and Chris Mulford spoke about their effort to preserve the home of Dox Thrash (1893–1965), an African American printmaker, painter, and activist. He was a key figure in the vibrant Black arts community that developed in the Sharswood section of Philadelphia between the World Wars. In addition to his own highly-regarded work, he became known as a mentor for younger artists. [Read more]

Peter Crabbe—State of the Museum

Alison Newman

Overprinting on these stamps from the Weimar Republic reinforce the speed and severity of inflation in Germany. (Peter Crabbe)

Sat. Nov., 7 | On day three of Awayzgoose 12, Jim Moran sat down with Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum‘s Executive Director Peter Crabbe to discuss the museum’s future. Peter talked about the path that led to his role at Hamilton, from studying fine arts in Wales to designing exhibits for children’s museums in the United States to being captivated by Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  [Read more]

2021 Mark Samuels Lasner Fellowship in Printing History

The American Printing History Association (APHA) is accepting applications for the 2021 Mark Samuels Lasner Fellowship in Printing History. An award of up to $2,000 is available for research in any area of the history of printing, including all the arts and technologies relevant to printing, the book arts, and letter forms. [Read more]

Erik Spiekermann—Keynote Presentation

Sara T. Sauers

Erik Spiekermann at his Spiekermann’s Precision Table in his P98a Studio in Berlin (Screenshot from his presentation)

Sat., Nov. 7 | Type designer and printer Erik Spiekermann joined us from the entrance of p98a, his letterpress workshop in Berlin, Germany. He’s wearing a neat white lab coat, like that of a German engineer—or, as he deadpans, of a mad scientist—and invites us in for a tour. [Read more]