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Chesapeake Chapter 2024 collaborative calendar

Each year since 2012 the printing faction of the Chesapeake Chapter has produced a calendar using a variety of printing techniques, mostly centered around letterpress. These efforts often use the opportunity to experiment with new techniques & new layouts of both printing & typography. The calendars are sold with the funds supporting up to 10 student memberships for Denker Fellows each year, as well as support for monthly speakers, trips & other projects.

The online the price is $25 which includes shipping. These make great presents and support an important cause. A link to order will be available soon.

       ⬆ Cover 2023
Chris Manson | Crooked Crow Press | Rockville, MD

       ⬆ January 2024
Don Starr | Glyph Pressroom | Havre de Grace, MD

       ⬆ February 2024
Ken Kulakowsky | The .918 Club | Lancaster, PA

       ⬆ March 2024
Randy Newcomer | Conestoga Press | Ephreta, PA 

       ⬆ April 2024
Ian Edelson | press | Location

       ⬆ May 2024
Casey Smith | Own Goal Press | Wilmington, DE

       ⬆ June 2024
James Quigley | Press | Location

       ⬆ July 2024
Ray Nichols | Lead Graffiti | Newark, DE

       ⬆ August 2024
Lauren Emeritz | Abstract Orange Press | Washington, DC

       ⬆ September 2024
Tatiana Shukhin | Windhorse Press | Takoma Park, MD

       ⬆ October 2024
Jim Wilder | Wild Apple Press | Bethesda, MD
Woodcut & handset metal type in 2 runs

       ⬆ November 2024
Jill Cypher | Lead Graffiti | Newark, DE

       ⬆ December 2024
Carol Maurer | Press | Hockessin, DE

       ⬆ Colophon 2024
George Barnum | Leaden Army Press | Austinberg, OH

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