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2020 Annual Meeting Program

The Annual Meeting of the American Printing History Association

Trustees Room, New York Public Library
Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, New York, NY
Saturday, January 25, 2020 at 2 pm


E. Haven Hawley, President


NYPL staff member

Reports of Officers

Charles Cuykendall Carter, Vice-President for Membership
— A moment of silence for members who passed away in the last year
Jesse Ryan Erickson, Vice-President for Programs
Katherine McCanless Ruffin, Vice-President for Publications
David Goodrich, Treasurer

Report of the Nominating Committee and Election

Nina Schneider, chair 

Candidates for Election
President (second 2-year term): E. Haven Hawley
Secretary (second 2-year term): Virginia Bartow
Treasurer (sixth 2-year term): David Goodrich
Vice President for Publications (first 2-year term): George Barnum
Vice President for Membership (first 2-year term): Harold Kyle
Vice President for Programs (first 2-year term): Amelia Fontanel
Trustee (first 3-year term): Diane Dias De Fazio
Trustee (first 3-year term): Sonia Farmer
Trustee (first 3-year term): Kseniya Thomas

Report of the President


Presentation of the Mark Samuels Lasner Fellowship in Printing History

Fellowship Committee: Farida Sunada, chair; Miriam Intrator, Sara T. Sauers
2020 Fellow: Nadirah Mansour

Presentation of APHA Awards

Awards Committee: Josef Beery, chair; John Risseeuw, Diane Dias De Fazio, Jeff Grove
Individual Award: Frank Romano
Institutional Award: The Bixler Press & Letterfoundry

Closing Remarks and Announcements from the Floor



Thanks to Charles Cuykendall Carter, Assistant Curator for The Pforzheimer Collection, New York Public Library, for New York Public Library meeting arrangements. 

Officers and Trustees of the American Printing History Association

Proposed Officers for 2020 (*presuming election)
E. Haven Hawley, Gainesville, FL: President, Year 1 of Term 2*
Harold Kyle, Syracuse, NY: Vice-President for Membership, Year 1 of Term 1*
Amelia Fontanel, Victor, NY: Vice-President for Programs, Year 1 of Term 1* 
George Barnum, Austinburg, OH: Vice-President for Publications, Year 1 of Term 1* 
David Goodrich, New York, NY: Treasurer, Year 2 of Term 6*
Virginia Bartow, New York, NY: Secretary, Year 1 of Term 2*

Non-elected Officers
Nina Schneider, Immediate Past President

Tia Blassingame, Claremont, CA: Year 2 of Term 1
Rob Cagna, Wilson, NC: Year 3 of Term 1
Diane Dias De Fazio, Iowa City, IA: Year 1 of Term 1
Sonia Farmer, Nassau, The Bahamas: Year 1 of Term 1
Ethan Lipton, Venice, CA: Year 3 of Term 1
Grendl Löfkvist, Oakland, CA: Year 2 of Term 1
Amanda Nelsen, Charlottesville, VA: Year 3 of Term 2
Michael Russem, Cambridge, MA: Year 3 of Term 2
Kseniya Thomas, Ogden, UT: Year 1 of Term 1

Ex-officio Board Members
Lyndsi Barnes, New York, NY: Executive Secretary
Brooke Palmieri, London, England: Editor, Printing History
Paul Moxon, Mobile, AL: Webmaster and Blog Editor
Don Starr, Havre de Grace, MD: President, Chesapeake Chapter
Lisa Dunseth, San Francisco, CA: President, Northern California Chapter
Jessica Holada, San Luis Obispo, CA: President, Southern California Chapter
Jared Ash, New York, NY: President, New York Chapter
Alice Beckwith, North Kingstown, RI: President, New England Chapter
Amelia Fontanel, Victor, NY: President, Upstate New York Chapter
Gary Walton, Cincinnati, OH: President, Ohio River Valley Chapter

Officer terms are two years, elected in even years. Trustee terms are three years.
Elected officers and trustees are restricted to two terms in the same position, except the treasurer.