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2015 Annual Meeting Summary

APHA’s Annual Meeting on January 24 in New York began as usual with officer reports on membership, programs and finances. President McCamant gave his report, saying that 2014 had not been momentous, but “we’re about as strong as we were a year ago in terms of members, and many of our activities are accomplishing very good things.” He praised the website and its developers, but noted that it garners only moderately better traffic than the old one and asked, “Are we failing to back it up with sufficient social media activity? Is there a fundamental disconnect between the subject matter APHA covers and online communication?” (An online content task force is now addressing these concerns. Membership is invited to comment on this post, or privately via the contact page.

Trustee, and Southern California Chapter President, Nina Schneider has completed her term and has left the board. To replace her, the report of the Nominations Committee, given by Immediate Past President Paul Romaine, recommended Amanda Nelsen, Program Director, Rare Book School at the University of Virginia. President McCamant called for a voice vote, and she was unanimous elected by the membership to a three year term.

In the absence of committee chair, Hope Mayo, President McCamant presented  the 2015 Mark Samuels Lasner Fellowship to Huiying Chen. Remarks and a summary of the winning proposal can be read here.

The 2015 Awards winners were introduced by Award Committee chair Michael Thompson. His introduction and remarks by Individual Award winner Paul Gehl can be read here. An introduction and a video produced by Institutional Award winner Book Art Museum can be found here

The meeting concluded with announcements from the floor.

During the reception afterward, a toast was made to honor the late Steve Crook, who served as APHA’s Executive Secretary from 1991–2010.