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Printing History 5


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Winter 2009


H. George Fletcher, Aldus, UCLA, and Me.
Nile Green, The Development of Arabic-Script Typography in Georgian Britain.



Christopher Burke, Active Literature: Jan Tschichold and New Typography. [Jerry Kelly]
Alan Bartram, Typeforms: A History. [Alastair Johnston]
Scott E. Casper, Jeffrey D. Groves, Stephen W. Nissenbaum, and Michael Winship, eds., A History of the Book in America (vol. 3)[Paul S. Koda]
Neil Macmillan, An A–Z of Type Designers. [WP]
Graham Hudson, The Design and Printing of Ephemera in Britain and America 1720–1890. [Alastair Johnston]
Richard Landon, Humane Letters: Bruce Rogers, Designer of Books and Artist. [WP]
Robin Dodd, From Gutenberg to Opentype: An Illustrated History of Type from the Earliest Letterforms to the Latest Digital Fonts. [WP]
John Buchanan-Brown, Early Victorian Illustrated Books: Britain, France, and Germany, 1820–1860. [WP]

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