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Wei Jin Darryl Lim

Wei Jin Darryl Lim is a professional graphic designer and emerging book historian from the Republic of Singapore. As a master’s student at the University of Reading, he studied typographic history from a non-Western, postcolonial perspective. His current doctoral research focuses on the transnational history of books, graphic design, visual communications, and print technologies. With degrees from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore and the University of Reading, UK, Lim has close to a decade of professional experience working as a graphic designer and more than two years of experience in teaching design, including as an adjunct lecturer for the storied and prestigious Glasgow School of Art. At present, he is earning his PhD in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication from the University of Reading under the supervision of professors Rob Banham and Fiona Ross. In addition to the 2019 Mark Samuels Lasner Fellowship, Lim won the Ernest Hoch Award and the Design History Society’s student travel grant in 2018, as well as a Bibliographical Society grant in 2017. His project, “Constellations of Printing: Muslim-Malay Lithography in the Straits Settlements, Sumatra, and Riau Archipelago, 1848–1900,” is really among the first of its kind. The project will provide not just a survey, but also a rigorous material analysis of lithographed books from nineteenth century Muslim-Malay communities. The project is interdisciplinary, combining research in printing and typographic history within the broader sociopolitical context of maritime Southeast Asia and the Malay Archipelago.

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