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2021 Conference

Detail of a poster designed and printed by Juan Carlos Romero, Imprenta Enlace. (Belinda Ugalde Mellado)

The American Printing History Associationʼs 46th annual fall conference will be hosted online through the Grolier Club of New York, from October 22–23, 2021.  “Impresos: Printing Across Latin American and Caribbean Cultures” will explore common themes promoted by our organizations, with a focus on the study of printing history and practices of peoples and cultures related to Latin America and the Caribbean. The conference will be available with bilingual captioning in English and Spanish. 

We have a dynamic two-day schedule, including: 

View the Impresos Program here.

The APHA conference is 100% virtual this year. This allows us to economize on travel costs and extend international access to the program. The virtual environment will have opportunities for engagement with fellow attendees and will allow registrants to access the content after the conference.  

We hope to see you online in October! Register now!


  1. […] a cabo en línea a través del Grolier Club de Nueva York, del 22 al 23 de octubre de 2021. “Impresos: Printing Across Latin American and Caribbean Cultures” dentro de las que se explorarán las prácticas de la imprenta de los pueblos y culturas de […]

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