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Chesapeake Chapter 2017 calendar

Each year since 2012 the printing faction of the Chesapeake Chapter has produced a calendar using a variety of printing techniques, mostly centered around letterpress, often using the opportunity to experiment with new techniques & new layouts. The calendars are sold with the funds supporting up to 10 student memberships for Denker Fellows each year, as well as support for monthly speakers, trips & other projects.

Calendars ordered online cost $25 for each calendar which includes the shipping. You may order up to an additional 2 calendars and not have to pay shipping as long as they are to the same address. Click here to order calendars through the Lead Graffiti website.

The calendars will be available at the APHA National Conference  and the chapter Wayzgoose in October for $20. To order online the price is $25 which includes shipping. These make great presents and support an important cause.

It is worth noting that calendar participants contribute their time & materials to the project.00-cover-lucas-370          ↑ Cover
          VAL LUCAS
, Bowerbox Press, Monkton MD

01-january-rossow-370            ↑ January
          SONJA ROSSOW

02-february-nichols-370          ↑ February
          RAY NICHOLS, Lead Graffiti, Newark, DE

03-march-lemon-frye-370          ↑ March
          ANN LEMON / SIERRA FRYE, Landis Press, Kutztown Univeersity, Kutztown, PA

04-april-cypher-370          ↑ April
          JILL CYPHER, Lead Graffiti, Newark, DE

2017-00          ↑ May
          LINDSAY SCHMITTLE, Gingerly Press, Landenberg, PA

07-june-varady-370          ↑ June
          GARRETT VARADY, Glyph Pressroom, Havre de Grace, MD

07-july-starr-370          ↑ July
          DON STARR, Glyph Pressroom, Havre de Grace, MD

08-wilder-370          ↑ August
          JIM WILDER, Wild Apple Press, Bethesda, MD

09-september-emeritz-370          ↑ September
          LAUREN EMERITZ, Abstract Orange, Washington, DC.

2017-00          ↑ October
          KEN KULAKOWSKY, .918 Club, Lancaster, PA

11-november-shuhkin-border          ↑ November
          TATIANA SHUKHIN, Windhorse Press, Takoa Park, MD

12-december-manson-370          ↑ December (7″ x 21.5″ unfolded)
          CHRIS MANSON, Crooked Crow Press, Rockville, MD

2017-00          ↑ Colophon
          RAY NICHOLS, Lead Graffiti, Newark, DE