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Corinna Zeltsman

The 2013 Winner. Corinna Zeltsman for her proposal on the integral role of Mexico City printers in nineteenth century Mexico’s political, cultural and intellectual development.

APHA is pleased to announce the 2013 Mark Samuels Lasner Fellowship is awarded to Corinna Zeltsman of Durham, NC. Ms. Zeltsman is a history graduate student at Duke, writing a dissertation on the integral role of Mexico City printers in nineteenth century Mexico’s political, cultural and intellectual development.

With the Fellowship funds, she will undertake a research trip to New York to do research in the records of printing equipment manufacturer Richard M. Hoe and Company and type founder George Bruce & Company, examining relevant company records for evidence of how and when U.S. printing equipment ended up in Mexico. Her findings will reveal what technological resources would have been available to Mexico City printers, and shed new light on the transnational business networks that shaped nineteenth century printing in both countries.

Although we had, in the end, three extremely good applications to choose between, this one stood out for the novelty of the subject to APHA, the clarity of the proposal, her very strong recommendations, and her practical training in printing at Wesleyan and the Center for Book Arts in New York City.